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NEC SL2100 Telephone System with 24 Digital Handsets

NEC SL2100 Telephone System with 24 Digital Handsets
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NEC SL2100 Telephone System with 24 Digital Handsets

NEC SL2100 Telephone System with 24 Digital Handsets Package is a great unified communications and collaboration solution capable of utilizing the best communications features and functionalities that can enhance productivity and improve team engagement and collaboration. It showcases incredible offers like the following:

IP Technology ● Automatic Call Distribution ● Mobility Options ● Call Accounting ● Voicemail ● Email

This NEC SL2100 Telephone Package is a reliable digital PBX system that is excellently cost-effective and can also easily be customised and expanded, which is perfect for enterprises and organisations with the goal of future expansion. And it can easily be purchased at an entry-level pricing. This is great for small hotels and motels, restaurants, hospitals and clinics, and even retail stores.

Full IP handset upgrade available

More Product Information

  • Brand: NEC
  • Product Type: Phone System + Digital Handsets
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Inclusions: NEC SL2100 System Main Unit
    10x SIP Trunks
    6x Analogue Extensions (Fax, Cordless, Alarm)
    18x SL2100 Digital Handsets (12 Buttons)
    6x SL2100 Digital Handsets (24 Buttons)
    2x hours of voicemail and VRS

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Basic Features of NEC SL2100 Digital Telephone

NEC SL2100 Phone Package offers users and the market with excellent reliability through its top-notch features. And some of these basic features that users now enjoy include the following:

  1. 4 Feature Keys
  2. 8 Selectable Ring Tones
  3. 12 User-programmable buttons with LEDs
  4. 20-number Personal Directory
  5. 1000-number System/Number Directory
  6. Adjustable Angle
  7. Auto Attendant
  8. Audio Conferencing
  9. Backlit Display
  10. Built-in Wall Mount
  11. Dual-coloured Call Indicator Lamp
  12. Full-duplex Speakerphone Operation
  13. Headset Port
  14. Mobility/Remote Worker Support
  15. Music on Hold
  16. Navigation Wheel
  17. Soft Keys
  18. Unified Messaging
  19. Video Conferencing and Collaboration
  20. Voicemail
  21. VoIP-enabled
  22. Web Real-time Communications (RTC)
  23. Add-on Smart Mobility Options:
    • Mobile Extension
    • Mobile Wireless Handsets
    • Remote/Home Office Support
    • Smartphone SIP App

Call Features of NEC SL2100 Digital Telephone

  1. Barge In
  2. Conference Call
  3. Do Not Disturb
  4. Group Listen
  5. Headset
  6. Park and Retrieve
  7. Redial
  8. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  9. Call Redirect
  10. Ring Tone Selection
  11. Speed Dual
  12. Call Transfer
  13. Call Forward
  14. Call Recording

NEC SL2100 Benefits to Take Advantage Of

  1. Excellent Value for Money- NEC SL2100 offers an efficient and powerful communication system that can be access with only a small price. It only requires you to pay for exactly what you need despite the entire solution being excellently scalable and efficient, since it can be expanded. It also runs on lower operational costs and offers wide range of home office or remote office options.
  2. Easy to Use- NEC SL2100 showcases several intuitive features and applications that can help teams and users to empower their roles and become more productive in their tasks.
  3. Keeps Users Connected- NEC SL2100 allows users to feature built-in web-based conferencing, mobile smartphone applications, unified messaging, and single number reach, which allows users to be connected and up-to-date, when it comes to their colleagues.
  4. Provides Safety and Security to Malicious Toll Fraud Attacks- NEC SL2100 is integrated with applications like InGuard, which users can configure and help them from protecting business from fraud attacks.
  5. Maintains Positive Customer Experience and High Level of Service- NEC SL2100 offers excellent customer service through its top-notch call features and functionalities which results to great customer satisfaction and experience.

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation is a Japanese global enterprise currently headquartered in Minato Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in July 17, 1899, and since then has focused on the development and manufacture of ICT products, solutions, and systems that can be beneficial to all types of customers and industries today. The company is led by Chairman of the Board Nobuhiro Endo and President and CEO Takashi Niino and is supported by approximately 238 consolidated subsidiaries and more than 100,000 employed experts worldwide.

NEC Corporation deals with System Platform Business, Telecom Carrier Business, Enterprise Business, and Public Business. Its expertise involves solutions and services to support large-scale network implementation, which is how the company is able to help lots of telecom carriers. The company also offers network equipment, network control platform systems, mobile terminals, computer equipment, and software products and service platforms.

NEC Corporation is able improve customers’ efficiency and reduce labour needed for the company’s operations.

About TelephonesOnline

One of the premier suppliers and wholesalers of telecommunications products and solutions, Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is the company all types of customers can rely on when it comes to searching for the most ideal products and services to cater to their needs. From SoHos and SMEs looking for the most cost-effective phone products and solutions to large companies and government institutions in search for the latest and most advanced communications technologies and systems, the company is able to cater to them all at the same time.

Telephonesonline has been in operation for more than 20 years now. It spent over two decades learning and studying the market as thoroughly as it can, including market trends and customer demands. These years were also dedicated to polishing its product portfolio to be a powerful one, offering brand new, pre-owned, second-hand, and refurbished products and solutions.

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Get to know more about this package by talking to our representatives. Dial Australia wide 1300 088 088 right now!
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