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NEC SL2100 IP Channel-16 License

NEC SL2100 IP Channel-16 License
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NEC SL2100 IP Channel-16 License

The NEC SL2100 IP Channel-16 License is a License to activate 16 channels of VoIP resources. 1 License is required for each IPLE channel that will be used on the SL2100.

All of the licensing options can be broken down into different categories. Some licenses are either turned on or off, these types of licenses normally have a quantity of 1 to turn them on. Other licenses can have a quantity based on the number of devices that can be used. References in the SL2100 Licensing Manual are made to both license codes and part numbers. License codes are the actual codes that are recognised by the SL2100, all license codes are 4 digits in length. Part numbers are the numbers that are actually ordered and are generally referred to as BE codes or EU codes. They will begin EU or BE and will have 6 numbers.

More Product Information

  • Brand: NEC Corporation
  • Product Type: License
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: License

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NEC SL2100 IP Channel-16 License

What You Get When You Use the NEC SL2100 IP Channel-16 License

  • 1 License is required for each IPLE channel that will be used on the SL2100.
  • Provides an additional (16) VoIP Channels, when a VoIP Daughter Board is installed.
  • Note: (8) VoIP channels are built into the SL2100 CPU. When the VoIP Daughter Board is installed, the (8) built-in channels are no longer available.
  • Maximum of (7) 16-Channel VoIP Licenses can be added to a VoIP Daughter Board.
  • Maximum (128) VoIP channels per system.
  • License Code: 5103


  • NEC SL2100 Series
  • Requires NEC SL2100 IP7WW-VOIPDB-C1 - VoIP GW Daughter Board Max 128ch (BE116500)

About NEC Corporation

NEC, also known as the NEC Mobile Communications, Ltd., is a small company that operates widely, even proving the magnitude of the expertise that the company’s employees have and how it handles in the industry and the market. Some of the business categories involve the following:

  • Mobile Terminal Product Planning
  • Mobile Development
  • Mobile Terminal Production
  • Mobile Sales
  • Mobile Terminal Maintenance

NEC is an expert in providing phone handsets and systems. And despite the development and evolution of technology in the fields of communication, phones is still the best tool used to stay connected. Whether these phones are installed on a desk, a computer, or in the palm of hands, phones are still the leading communication device used by people of all types of companies and industries. And NEC offers a wide range of devices, solutions, and applications. And since these products are very flexible, businesses prefer to use them in addition to their wireless systems and softphones to improve productivity and access convenient tools.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is the largest equipment supplier in Australia, specifically pre-owned, refurbished, and second-hand communication products, solutions, and systems. This makes the company the best shot for small and mid-sized business, which usually allot limited budget for their phone needs. And since the company offers a wide variety of refurbished communication systems and devices, Telephonesonline also provides its customers with competitive prices. All types and sizes of enterprises can then be provided with whatever they need. And having an extensive product portfolio of refurbished products, as well as being considered the largest supplier of these similar items, the company offers different brands in this condition, including these ones:

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