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NEC SL1100 Telephone System with 8 Handsets

NEC SL1100 Telephone System with 8 Handsets
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NEC SL1100 Telephone System with 8 x SL1100 Digital Handsets

Showcasing intuitive and intelligent features that could chauffer a business towards success, NEC SL1100 telephone system is a communication solution tailored for small and mid-sized businesses in any industry. Offering Digital and VoIP phone system, it provides a whole team or the whole company a communication tool that can be mastered without any need for training.

NEC SL1100 telephone systems comes from NEC’s DSX product line considered very popular in the industry. With the versatility of the system, it provides businesses the solution their communication needs. Built-in functions like auto routing and auto attendant voice response system are included in the solution.

NEC SL1100: An Intuitive Phone Solution for the Entire Team

Included in the NEC SL1100 Phone System are the following:

  • NEC SL1100 Phone System Main Unit
  • 4x Standard PSTN Lines
  • 4x Analogue Extensions (Fax, Cordless, Alarm)
  • 8x SL1100 Digital Handsets (12 Buttons)
  • 4 Ports Voicemail

NEC SL1100 telephone system is a very intuitive tool offered at a low cost. This is what makes the solution perfect for small and growing businesses, considering the limited budget that these types of businesses have.

To inquire for a quote, please call Australia wide 1300 088 088

NEC SL1100 Phone System Features

Some of the hundreds of features that users can take advantage of in using NEC SL1100 phone system are the following:

  • Alarm Reports
  • Built-in Automated Attendant
  • Call Duration Timer
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Distinctive Ringing, Tones and Flash Patterns
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • Ecologically Sound Power Saving Mode
  • Headset Operation
  • Hotline
  • InMail
  • Intercom
  • TAPI Compatibility
  • Traffic Reports
  • Voice Mail Message Indication on Line Keys
  • Voice Over

SL1100 Digital Handset Features

NEC SL1100 Digital Handset showcases several features, including:

  • Backlit keypad and soft keys
  • Adjustable angle
  • Programmable keys with LEDs
  • Headset port
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Built-in wall mount kit
  • Dual-color call indicator lamp>Dual-color call indicator lamp
  • Power saving sleep mode

Phone Solution that Saves Money and Time

More than just a communication tool, NEC SL1100 phone system helps businesses more than just in that aspect but also when it comes to time-management and the financial facet.

Speeds up Working Processes

The communication tool includes powerful applications custom-made to save time, including shortcut buttons. This speeds up working processes which causes a domino effect and leads to an improvement in a business’ productivity.

Speeds up Making Crucial Decisions

Always being updated and staying connected with employees enable faster decision-making, which can be crucial to the business.

Lowers Operational Costs

Using the communication tool will help lower a business’ operational costs including costs meant for bigger office space and equipment.

Reduces Travel Time and Expenses

With the communication tool, there is less need to travel to and from work. This doesn’t only saves time and also money, when considering transportation costs.

Supporting Mobile and Remote Workers with NEC SL1100

Remote and mobile workers are now made possible through technology. But more importantly, it is made more effective though topnotch communication solutions and systems. This is what the NEC SL1100 is capable to provide.

The key tool in making this successful is the SL Desktop Suite. With the telephony application that makes it possible to use the phone system through a laptop, working from home or anywhere is made possible. Through this application, employees can access the necessary communication tools to work effectively and efficiently.

Introducing the SL Desktop Suite

SL Desktop Suite is an avenue to access Unified Communications or UC solutions, which will boost the productivity of employees by simplifying processes and collaboration methods in the team. It provides the users with the full control of the entire system through the screen. This makes it more convenient and easy to use.

Some of the distinct characteristics of the NEC SL Desktop Suite are:

  • Easy Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Minimal Customization Required
  • Easy Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Straightforward Licensing
  • Logical Pricing Structure

About NEC

NEC is one of Australia’s popular companies offering phone systems from small businesses to large corporations. It is a company that can bring small businesses and home offices at the top of their industries.

NEC provides businesses with phone systems at lower costs, which is the reason why most small businesses would prefer it among all the other companies offering similar communication solutions.

NEC helps businesses improve their creativity, simplify administration and stay connected from anywhere on site, anytime, and at the same time continue to be reachable while on the road. It keeps the company effortlessly up-to-date, improve the business’ customer service, and help businesses reach coming up with a decision faster.

The small businesses and SOHOs (Small Office/Home Office) customers often to use NEC phone systems include Health Providers, Motels, Professional Offices, and Retail Outlets.

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To inquire for a quote, please call Australia wide 1300 088 088

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