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NEC DT830G DESI-Less Gigabit Grey Scale IP Handset BLACK

NEC DT830G DESI-Less Gigabit Grey Scale IP Handset BLACK
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NEC DT830G DESI-Less Gigabit Grey Scale IP Handset BLACK

The NEC DT830G DESI-Less Gigabit Grey Scale IP Handset BLACK is the ITZ-8LDG-3A(BK) TEL. This IP Phone is suitable for NEC SV9100 Systems. This is a multi-line desktop telephones with large grey scale display. Running your organization on old devices is bad for business.

That’s why NEC has developed the next generation of desktop telephones. Their UNIVERGE IP Desktop telephones sport innovative design, and are intended to deliver maximum deployment flexibility and a wide range of choices that fit all business requirements. It is an easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces. NEC’s desktop telephone interfaces are designed to improve the overall user experience, while remaining intuitive—with no extensive training needed. Global icons indicate status at-a-glance including notification of new voice or instant messages, missed calls, the telephone user’s current presence status, and the device’s current data protection mode.

More Product Information

  • Brand: NEC Corporation
  • Product Type: IP Phone
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New

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NEC DT830G DESI-Less Gigabit Grey Scale IP Handset BLACK

Achieve a Premier Multimedia Experience

  • Customizable to meet employees’ specific communications needs
  • Support a wide-range of applications that can improve overall employee efficiency and productivity
  • Deliver maximum deployment flexibility and investment protection
  • Support XML open interface
  • Easy to use intuitive interface and an interactive user manual
  • Bluetooth connection adapter which enables users to receive and place calls through either their smart device or desktop telephone
  • With options for the visually impaired such as audio key action feedback and large character display

Features of NEC DT830G DESI-Less Gigabit Grey Scale IP Handset BLACK

  • 8LD/DESI-less with Backlit LCD (Fixed Terminal)
  • Backlit keypad & Line keys
  • Hands-free, full duplex
  • Headset support, Optional support for EHS
  • Soft keys/LCD prompts
  • Navigation cursor & Directory dial key
  • Call history
  • Network support 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Bluetooth support (BCA-Z)
  • Wall mountable
  • XML open interface capabilities
  • VoIP encryption

About NEC Corporation

The NEC Corporation was established in Japan in the year 1899. Since then, the company has been providing all types of industries and markets with innovative communication system integrations and excellent phone solutions and services. NEC targets businesses and supplies and supports their communication systems and environments. It makes sure that that businesses remain connected as much as they could in order to ensure smooth operations. From enterprise business to public, to system platform, and finally to telecom carrier business, NEC works under all sorts of fields and categories.

NEC Corporation provides communication products, systems, and services to both public and private sectors. Included in their markets are financial institutions, domestic and foreign government agencies, and private enterprises. The company and its products and services have been very beneficial and advantageous to their operations. More than just making sure the smooth communication environment is enforced, the company also provides extra protection and security on their transactions.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is a telecommunications company in Australia that mostly operates online. The company has its official website do the job for them. Customers would simply have to go to the site and choose their preferred products with a click of a button. Telephonesonline then, with the help of their warehouses and offices scattered all over the country, will deliver the purchased products and solutions at the agreed date and time.

Telephonesonline has an extensive portfolio of products and solutions, including both brand new and refurbished items. This is the reason why the company is considered the largest online store in Australia. With lots of options to choose from, the company can cater to all sizes of businesses, from small and mid-sized ones to large corporations.

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