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NEC DT750 Series 32-button IP Bluetooth Handset

NEC DT750 Series 32-button IP Bluetooth Handset
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Dterm ITL-320C-2 (BK)
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AUD$ 420.00
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NEC DT750 Series 32-button IP Bluetooth Handset

NEC DT750 32-button IP Bluetooth Handset is an incredibly efficient communication device that features a large coloured touch panel LCD. An IP multiline terminal, it is one of the next-gen exciting devices that can deliver rich applications across multiple vertical market sectors.

This NEC DT750 32-button IP Bluetooth Handset provides premium user experience through its awesome features and capabilities. It is used to improve users’ productivity at work. In addition to that, it also has open interface that makes synchronisation to mobile devices like mobile phone and PDA easier. It is perfect for executive and top level managers.

More Product Information

  • Brand: NEC
  • Product Type: IP Telephone
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Compatibility: NEC Univerge 8100/8300/8500
  • Integrates on: Business ConneCT

Talk to our experts to learn more about this excellent device. Dial our hotline now at Australia wide 1300 088 088!

NEC DT750 ITL-320C-1 IP Phone Handset Features

  • 7.5-inch Colour TFT Touch Screen
  • Backlit Keypad
  • Security Lock Key
  • XML Open Interface (Integrates into Other Applications)
  • Hands-free and Full Duplex Operation
  • Headset Compatible
  • Easy to Use Soft Keys/On-screen Prompts
  • Directory Dialling
  • Navigation Wheel
  • Call History
  • Wall Mountable
  • Provides On-screen:
    • Directory
    • Presence Management
    • Call History

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation is a Japanese global enterprise that has major operations in Public Business, Enterprise Business, Telecom Carrier Business, and System Platform Business. It is currently headquartered in Minato Tokyo, Japan, and has Nobuhiro Endo as its Chairman of the Board and Takashi Niino as the company’s CEO and President. It was founded in July 17, 1899 and has expanded its operations to be supported by approximately 238 consolidated subsidiaries and more than 100,000 employed experts all over the world.

NEC Corporation helps provide enterprises with wide selection of products and solutions, including network solutions and services, network equipment, software products and service platforms, and computer equipment. All of these offers help customers to reduce manual labour and be able to improve their productivity and efficiency at work. The company is also responsible for contributing to the development of reliable telecommunications networks and in the network implementation of telecom carriers by offering network equipment and network control platform systems.

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Talk to our experts to learn more about this excellent device. Dial our hotline now at Australia wide 1300 088 088!
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