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NEC DT710 6-button Black IP Telephone (Refurbished)

NEC DT710 6-button Black IP Telephone (Refurbished)
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Dterm ITL-6DE (BK)
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AUD$ 107.00
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NEC DT710 6-button Black IP Telephone

This NEC DT710 6-button Black IP Telephone is one of the entry-level IP phones that belong to the NEC DT700 Series line-up. With a standard IP terminal, it has the same platform as the NEC DT710 2E IP Phone. This phone is integrated with excellent features that boost the device’s usability.

NEC DT710 6-button Black IP Telephone has 6 keys that can be programmed with features that users specifically needs mostly. With full duplex speakerphone, this communication device is integrated with 4 context sensitive soft keys located below the LCD display, including exit and help buttons. These keys are is incredibly effective when it comes to the switching of features currently used and optimising its VoIP capability.

Besides the 6 programmable buttons, the NEC DT710 6-button Black IP Telephone has LED busy light indicators located near these buttons. It provides one-glance knowledge on the status of the users from free to busy ones.

More Product Information

  • Brand: NEC
  • Product Type: IP Telephone
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Compatibility: NEC Univerge SV8100 and SV8300 IP Phone Systems

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17 Excellent Features of NEC DT710 6-button Black IP Telephone

  1. 168 x 41 pixels Screen Resolution
  2. 2 LAN Ports- 10/100MB (Optional Gigabit Adaptor)
  3. 4 Soft Keys for Ease of Use
  4. 6 Programmable Keys with LED Status Indicator Lights
  5. Affordable Entry-level NEC IP Phone
  6. Backlit Keypad
  7. Conference Key
  8. Directory Navigator Key (1000 System, 1000 Group, 10 Personal, and 600 Phonebook)
  9. Dot Matrix Greyscale LCD (Not Backlit)
  10. Hands-free and Fully Duplex Speakerphone
  11. Integrates with Business ConneCT and Provides the Following On-screen:
    • Directory
    • Presence Management
    • Call History
  12. Low Power Consumption: 3.84 W
  13. Message Waiting Indicator
  14. No Headset Port (Prefers Wireless Headsets)
  15. PoE or AC Power
  16. Wall Mountable (Optional Kit)
  17. Wideband Audio for Premium Sound

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation is a multinational information technology provider that was established in July 17, 1899. Before, the company’s name is Nippon Electric Company, Limited, and was rebranded with the name NEC in the year 1983. With its general headquarters located in Minato Tokyo, Japan, this leading Japanese enterprise is well-known for providing network and IT solutions and services to the following customers:

Business Enterprises ● Government Agencies ● Financial Enterprises ● Communications Services Providers

Since 1980s, NEC Corporation is recognised as the biggest vendor of PCs in Japan. More than this, it is also involved in the manufacturing and marketing of semiconductors business units, which have been considered as one of the top 20 semiconductor sales leaders in the world.

NEC Corporation is currently part of the Sumitomo Group. It is involved in three principal segments that include IT solutions, electronic devices, and network solutions. Specifically, it offers the following:

Broadband Network Systems ● Mobile and wireless Communications Network Systems ● Mobile Handsets

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Get your hands on more details about this phone by talking to our experts at Australia wide 1300 088 088 hotline!
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