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Lydis Care One+ USB Programming Charger

Lydis Care One+ USB Programming Charger
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Lydis Care One+ USB Programming Charger

Lydis Care One+ USB Programming Charger is an accessory used in order to manually configure the Lydis Care One+ alarm pendant in case users do not have the required alarm server This USB programming charger can configure the pendant for the following functions”

  • Dialling Pre-programmed Telephone Number
  • Accepting an Incoming Call

The Lydis Care One+ is an alarm pendant that is integrated together with DECT full duplex hands-free telephone in order to access functions of the phone through the said pendant. This device is normally worn around the neck of users and can easily send an alarm message with the use of a single key. Because of this function, it is a perfect device for emergency situations and healthcare institutions like mental healthcare facilities.

More Product Information

  • Brand: SpectraLink
  • Product Type: USB Programming Charger
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: Lydis Care One+

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Top Features of Lydis Care One+ Alarm Pendant

  • With Integrated DECT Full Duplex Hands-free Telephone
  • Alarm Message via SpectraLink MSF2 Protocol
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Intuitive Audible Alerts
  • Vibrator Function
  • Full Management & Controllable through SpectraLink Protocol
  • Programming USB Charger
  • Loud & Clear Sound Quality
  • Night Mode in the Charger
  • On/Off Button on Charger
  • Accessory: Neck Cord
  • Water/Dust Rating: IP56
  • Lightweight Design
  • Single-cell or Multi-cell Operation
  • On/Off Button
  • Night Lights (Around Alarm Button)
  • Antibacterial Design
  • Magnetic Closure Construction
  • LED with Audible Design

About SpectraLink

SpectraLink, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with approximately 51 to 200 employed experts in their respective fields, is a highly reputable and outstanding telecommunications company that has been catering to the needs of mobile workers since its establishment in the year 1990. The company guarantees that its products and solutions are able to provide customers with wide variety of benefits, including the following:

Increased Return on Investments (ROIs) & Revenues ● More Positive Customer Experience to Deliver ● Empowered Streamlined Enterprise Operations ● Improved Worker Productivity & Security

SpectraLink has always been focused on providing the global market with offers that can promote mobility with a difference. The company is known for showcasing top voice quality, enterprise-grade durability, and smooth connectivity. These features are integrated in the company’s products and solutions, including the following:

End-to-end Solutions ● UC Telephony, Wi-Fi, & DECT Mobility Solutions ● Industry-focused Applications ● Mobility Solutions with Native Integration with Microsoft Skype for Business

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is an Australian telecommunications enterprise that has been catering to the market’s needs and preferences for more twenty (20) years now. The company has focused all its decades of operations in learning everything possible about market trends and customer demands in an effort to create a powerful product portfolio capable of catering to all types of customers and their needs.

Telephonesonline successfully created a powerful portfolio, extensive enough to provide the needs and preferences of individuals, SoHos, SMEs, large companies, corporate sectors, and government institutions in the Australian market. This portfolio offers brand new, pre-owned, second-hand, and refurbished products and solutions that customers can choose from, along with high quality technical services to support these offers. All these products and services can freely be viewed by customers all over the Australian market, by visiting the company’s online store located at Telephonesonline.com.au, where its entire product portfolio is displayed,

Talk to our Telephonesonline representatives to learn more. Dial our hotline at Australia wide 1300 088 088!
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