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Lydis Care One+ Spare Lanyard

Lydis Care One+ Spare Lanyard
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Lydis Care One+ Spare Lanyard

Lydis Care One+ Spare Lanyard is an accessory that can be used with the Lydis Care One+ alarm pendant in case its original lanyard that normally comes with the device has been worn out or destroyed. This lanyard is made from a sturdy material that can last for a long time when used.

Lydis Care One+ alarm pendant is a device integrated with full-duplex hands-free speakerphone, with loud and clear sound quality and intuitive audible alerts. This device is worn by users around their neck and highly compatible with the following SpectraLink IP DECT servers:

  • SpectraLink DECT Server 400
  • SpectraLink DECT Server 6500
  • SpectraLink DECT Server 2500
  • SpectraLink DECT Server 8000

More Product Information

  • Brand: SpectraLink
  • Product Type: Spare Lanyard
  • Colour: White
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: Lydis Care One+

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Lydis Care One+ Standard Features & Functions

  • Integrated Full Duplex Hands-free Operation
  • Lightweight Construction
  • SpectraLink IP DECT Server 400, 6500, 2500, & 8000 Compatibility
  • Single-cell/Multi-cell Operation
  • Round Share with No Sharp Edges
  • On/Off Button on Charger
  • Alarm Button
  • Antibacterial Operation
  • Magnetic Closure Construction
  • Easy Replacement of Neck Cord
  • Locked & Looped Plastic Casing
  • SpectraLink MSF2 Protocol Management
  • Night Lights Alarm
  • IP56 Rating: Water/Dust Proof
  • Programming USB Charger
  • Vibrator
  • Night Mode in Charger
  • Intuitive Audible Alerts
  • Loud & Clear Sound Quality

About SpectraLink

Established in 1990, SpectraLink is a powerful telecommunications enterprise that has always been focused on delivering mobility with a difference to the global market. Because of this focus, the company was able to take the lead of the enterprise mobility market and even proudly own the most deployed wireless solution portfolio specialised for retail, mission-critical healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing industries.

SpectraLink became popular when it started due to its invention of the first purpose-built mobile devices to cater to in-building employees in the US. It has expanded its operations to international scope by establishing offices in other countries, including United Kingdom and Denmark.

SpectraLink focuses on connectivity and collaboration, ensuring that mobile workers are able to communicate and collaborate effectively and safely across great distance. The company is able to accomplish this due to more than 500 strong technology partners located all over the world and approximately 51 to 200 mobile solution specialists and Wi-Fi engineers.

About TelephonesOnline

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Telephonesonline showcases one of the most extensive product portfolios in the Australian market and telecommunications industry that its second-hand and refurbished product portfolio alone has been regarded as the second largest one in the market. This portfolio offers the following telecom brands:

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Call Australia wide 1300 088 088 Telephonesonline hotline and learn more information about this accessory!
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