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LG LDP-7048 48-button DSS Console (Black)

LG LDP-7048 48-button DSS Console (Black)
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LG LDP-7048 DSS (BK)
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LG LDP-7048 48-button DSS Console (Black)

LG LDP-7048 48-button DSS Console is an additional tool connected to a digital phone in order to have more easy access to speed dials, lines, or features. These additional buttons can be tailored with functions that users need most in their everyday tasks.

This LG LDP-7048 d8-button DSS Console can help users improve their productivity at work. With these additional buttons, users can be more effective in handling and juggling calls all at the same time.

More Product Information

  • Brand: LG
  • Product Type: Add-on DSS Module
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Compatibility: LG Aria LDP-7008D Digital Phone
    LG Aria LDP-7016D Digital Phone
    LG Aria LDP-7024D Digital Phone

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LG LDP-7048 48-button DSS Console Basic Features

  • 48 Programmable Keys:
    • Lines
    • Features Buttons
  • Comes in White and Black Colour
  • Elegant Design
  • Highly Compatible with LG Aria Digital Phones

About LG Ericsson

LG Ericsson is a Swedish-South Korean collaboration of the Ericsson and LG Electronics, with 75% and 25% shares respectively. It was founded in November 2005, and since then has focused its attention on designing and engineering high quality telecommunications devices, solutions, and equipment. The company is also responsible for marketing and distributing their products and solutions to the global market.

LG Ericsson operates with the help of approximately 1,500 experts of specific fields, which is how the company is able to support network enterprises and telecommunications operators. It was named as Ericsson-LG I the past and is headed by the expertise of CEO Martin Wiktorin. The company is able to offer the following products:

LG Ericsson Systems (Aria 24, 130c, 130, 300, & 600) ● IP Trunk and Station-enabled Machines ● Hospitality Software ● CTI Interface ● VoIP ● Remote Services Gateway (RSG) & Softphone ● Qsig Networking ● Integrated Voicemail ● PMS Interface (Hospitality) ● Auto Attendant ● EZ Attendant (PC Attendant)

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