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LG iPECS Phone System with 6 IP Phones

LG iPECS Phone System with 6 IP Phones
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LG iPECS Phone System with 6 IP Phones

The LG iPECS Phone System with 6 IP Phone is an effective communication package perfect for small to mid-sized enterprises. An all-in-1 solution, this includes the following items:

  • 1x LG iPECS-LIK50A CPU Module
  • 1x LG LIK-300 POE8 Hub
  • 5x LG LIP 8012D (Black) IP Phones
  • 1x LG LIP 8024D (Black) IP Phone
  • 4 PSTN Trunks & 4 VoIP Ports
  • 8 IP & 2 Analogue Extensions
  • 1x Built-in Voicemail
  • 1x LG SA-B019 PSU Power Supply
  • 1x LG SA-B122 PSU Power Supply
  • 1x LG iPECS I300-DHLD Desk Mount Holder
  • 1x :D iPECS I300-DHE Desk Mount Holder Extender
  • 1x Music on Hold LIU Interface
  • LG iPECS User Guides

LG iPECS Phone System with 6 IP Phone package provides users the fully stable communication experience. With this package, users get to enjoy a strong communication foundation capable of handling a lot of users all at the same time with ease.

More Product Information

  • Brand: LG
  • Product Type: IP Communication Package
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Maximum: Up to 50 Users

If this communication package is just what you need, give us a call right now at Australia wide 1300 088 088 to place your order!

LG iPECS Phone System (with 6 IP Handset) Features

  • BRI ISDN Trunk
  • Voicemail
  • VoIP
  • Up to 50 Users
  • Rack/Desktop Mountable
  • Wide Option from LG Ericsson IP, Digital, Analogue, Wireless, DECT, IP DECT, or Softphone
  • Up to 14 Port Voicemail
  • Auto Attendant
  • 32 Party Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Mobile phone Connectivity
  • SIP Applications
  • Call Centre CTI Applications
  • Conference Bridging
  • PC Softphones
  • Receptionist Console
  • IP Networking for Remote Users or Systems

About LG Ericsson

Founded in November 2005, LG Ericsson is an enterprise that caters to SoHos and SMEs with operations and jobs that take care of demanding high volume of calls as part of their daily operations. Small offices/home offices and small to mid-sized enterprises search for the most cost-effective phone products, solutions, systems, and technologies in order to operate in an inexpensive manner.

LG Ericsson has developed high quality phone systems, including LG Aria 24, 130/130c, 300, and 600 phone systems. All of these systems are able to extend around 2 to 600 ports for more stable communication foundation. It also uses devices together with these systems, which is how customers are able to access features and capabilities like flash-Rom programming and TDM technology.

LG Ericsson also offers the W-SOHO phone series and system technology, which provides customers different choices of wireless headsets and up to 8 phones and 3 lines. It also uses advanced DECT technology integrated in their devices.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is an Australian communications enterprise that offers one of the largest product portfolios in the market. The company offers both brand new and refurbished products and solutions on varied telecom brands. In fact, some of the brands offered in refurbished condition include the following:

Alcatel ● Samsung ● Commander ● NEC ● Fujitsu ● Ericsson ● Nortel Networks ● Cisco ● Hybrex ● Panasonic ● Avaya ● LG Aria ● Coral Tadiran Telecom

Telephonesonline is known to offers the largest refurbished product portfolio in the market. All of the products and solutions under this portfolio are ensured to have high quality by strictly complying with the company’s No Compromise on Quality policy. The company is able to follow up with this policy by having products and solutions undergo product testing and evaluation before they are offered to the market.

Learn more about the company and its offers by visiting the official website at Telephonesonline.com.au.

If this communication package is just what you need, give us a call right now at Australia wide 1300 088 088 to place your order!
Order today for FAST Delivery Australia Wide: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Queensland, Perth, Darwin, Canberra and Adelaide.

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