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Konftel 300Wx Conference Phone and Analogue DECT Base Station

Konftel 300Wx Conference Phone and Analogue DECT Base Station
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Konftel 300Wx Conference Phone and Analogue DECT Base Station

This specific package is comprised of the Konftel 300Wx Conference Phone and Analogue DECT Base Station. The former is a wireless communication device that can cater to the specific needs of operating conferences and hold meetings without having to worry about the need for power outlets and network. The latter on the other hand is a device that can be connected to either a PBX system as long as there is an analogue extension or analogue lines.

Konftel 300Wx Conference Phone and Analogue DECT Base Station package the offers the best of wireless DECT technology that can guaranteed to be both secured and reliable. Using both of these devices is enough to support the telephony environment of companies in need of a stable communication foundation. This will also be a choice for the companies on whether to go for an SIP or analogue telephony system, or choose to connect to an installed DECT system.

The Konftel 300Wx Conference Phone has a rechargeable battery that guarantees up to 60 hours of talk time. It allows users to hold meetings, wherever and whenever it is convenient for them. It delivers the market with first-rate audio quality, offering them with HD sound and voices, making it sound more natural when on conversations, especially when in conferences and meetings. It can accommodate large teams comprised of up to 20 people in total. Using the patented OmniSound audio technology, the device delivers nothing but the best for the customers using the device.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Konftel
  • Product Type: Conference Phone + DECT Base Station
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Talk Time: Up to 60 Hours
  • Conferencing: Up to 20 People
  • Base Connectivity: Up to 7 DECT Units
  • Base Range: Up to 300 Metres (Open Areas)
    Up to 50 Metres (Indoors)
  • Note: DECT Base not compatible with 300W US

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8 Great Features of Konftel 300Wx Conference Phone

  1. Wireless DECT Operation (SIP, Analogue, or GAP)
  2. USB Connectivity for Collaboration
  3. OmniSound with HD Audio Technology
  4. Rechargeable Battery: Up to 60 Hours of Call Time
  5. Up to 20 People Meeting Size
  6. Supports Konftel Unite App via Adapter
  7. Optional Expansion Microphones
  8. Compatible to IP Telephony via Konftel IP DECT 10

5 Great Features of Konftel Analogue DECT Base Station

  1. GAP/CAT-iq Compatible
  2. Analogue Lines/PBX and Analogue Extension
  3. Up to 7 DECT Units Connection
  4. Up to 300 Metres in Open Areas
  5. Up to 50 Metres Indoors

About Konftel

Konftel is an enterprise that was established in the year 1988. It started out with a challenge that was posed for electrical consultant Peter Renkel from a bank manager in Umea, Northern Sweden. Renkel was asked to design something better than the speakerphone that was then being used in the conference rooms. With the help of John-Erik Eriksson, Renkel decided to build their conference phone from scratch, which became the starting point of the company.

Konfel has been clear when it comes to its mission, and that is to get people together, wherever they are in the world, through the help of an incredible audio quality and conference phones capable of supporting meetings anytime.

Konftel is not only focused on delivering optimum audio quality but also in making sure that the company is able to do so without having to have negative impact on the environment. And this was strengthened further when the company participate in the Foundation for Swedish Industrial Design’s Eco Design project.

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Are you interested in this incredible package? If yes, call our hotline now at Australia wide 1300 088 088 for details!
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