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Interquartz Hotline Phones IQ280AN No Dial Pad Analogue Hotel Phones

Interquartz Hotline Phones IQ280AN No Dial Pad Analogue Hotel Phones
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Interquartz Hotline Phones IQ280AN No Dial Pad Analogue Hotel Phones

Interquartz IQ280AN Hotline Phone is a high quality dial-less telephone that will be excellent for hotline use or in lobby locations. Since it is dial-less, there is now dial pad available in the device. This also means that the phone is entirely for receiving calls rather than fort making them. And while the product may not have the product may not have the double injection moulded keys that the company is proud of, it still possesses the excellent characteristics of an Interquartz product, which are:

Incredible Thick and High Quality Plastic

Interquartz IQ280AN phone is made from the ultra violet stable plastic that enables the device to last for many years. The plastic’s characteristic is also structured in a way that the colour of the unit does not fade and it won’t be possible to have any crack in the unit despite heavy use.

Expensive Silicon Rubber Feet

The Interquartz IQ280AN phone has a silicon rubber feet below the phone handset in order for the device to stay firmly in place. This takes away the possibility of the handset sliding off the table or desk while the user is stretching the cord and in an active call.


11 Features of the Interquartz IQ280AN Hotline Phone You Could Use

The features included in this Interquartz IQ280AN hotline phone package includes the following:

  • Ringer Volume Control
  • Message Waiting Light
  • Soft Feet
  • 3 Metres Curly Cord
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Ringer Pitch Control
  • Data Port
  • Ringer Light
  • Line Powered
  • 6-year Worth of Warranty
  • Wall Mountable


Call Australia wide 1300 088 088 if you want to know more about Telephonesonline

About Interquartz

The Interquartz, originated and established in 1981 in Australia, has offered a lot of telecommunications products in the industry from that time on. This is how the company was able to produce more than a million of products that will be excellent for any type of communication needs. Having exclusive rights to all products that are under the banners IQ, Interquartz, and IQTEL, the company covers several markets, including

  • New Zealand
  • Asian and Pacific Regions
  • European and Middle Eastern Regions

Interquartz showcases the following core products with excellent quality:

  • Analogue Cordless Telephones
  • IP Cordless Phones
  • Analogue Desk Phone
  • IP Telephones


In the 30 years that the company has been providing its products and services, it has now been known to be one of the most experience analogue phone supplier in the country. Interquartz also caters to both government and corporate customers, able to deliver the communication needs of businesses and organizations of all types and sizes, ,

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline has been in the industry for more than 3 decades now. And these experiences have been the company’s key towards an excellent and extensive portfolio of telecommunications products and services that will be beneficial in any business and organization that makes use of them. But the real factor that brings businesses to success is more than just the high quality of products and services but also other advantages that brought about by subscribing from the company.

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd has an excellent service of customising communication packages that would cater exactly to customer’s specific needs. The routine is that the customers will inquire and tell the company of the specific communication needs that they have and from then the company will provide the products and services that they believe will best cater to them. This process helps the customers save money and both the company and customer time.

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