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Interquartz Enterprise IQ260B Analogue Black Business Phone for Hotel

Interquartz Enterprise IQ260B Analogue Black Business Phone for Hotel
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Interquartz Enterprise IQ260B Analogue Black Business Phone for Hotel

The Interquartz Enterprise IQ260B is a high quality telephone ideal for businesses, specifically the small offices and home offices. It is fairly compatible with most types of headsets. It is also ideal for training use, especially with its double jacking mode.

A hearing aid compatible device, the Interquartz Enterprise IQ260B has volume control and microphone level adjustment that ensures there is clear transmission in both directions.

This specific telephone is ideal for the use of businesses in hotel and hospitality industry, considering its excellent features including the mid-call mode support that could allow users to change conveniently and smoothly between headset option and handset option, even during an active call.

This package includes a black IQ260B Black Analogue Phone and a 10-year warranty that could cover both parts and labour.


Interquartz Enterprise IQ260B Analogue Black Business Phone Features

What makes the Interquarz Enterprise IQ260B Analogue Business Phone excellent for the hotel and hospitality businesses is the extensive features that the communication tool offers, which could conveniently help these businesses in their operations. Included in the features of this phone are the following:

  • Built-in Headset Support (Helps not to require headset amplifiers)
  • Built-in Message Waiting and Super Bright LED Ringer Indicator Lamp
  • Built-in Trainee/Supervisor Double Jacking Mode
  • Adjustable Headset Hearing Level with Slider Volume Control
  • Headset Cable Polarity Switch
  • Headset Microphone Level Adjustment
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Large In-use Indicator Light (Shows when user is on call)
  • Mid-call Mode Support (Smooth change between headset and handset during a call)
  • Mute Key and Indicator
  • Noise-cancelling Handset Microphone
  • Redial and Pause Functions
  • Ringer Volume and Pitch Controls
  • Silent Ringing (Allows ringing to be heard only in the headset)
  • Wall mountable
  • 5-year Memory Retention
  • 10 One Touch Memory Keys


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About Interquarz

Interquartz is in the Australian telecommunication industry for at least 30 years now. The years of experience that the company have gathered being established from the very start gave way to the accumulation of learning and knowledge when it comes to what their customers need and what the market demands in general. In fact, the company prides itself with their technology development and these technologies are the bearers of the high quality products and services that the company offers.

Interquartz offers extensive PABX brands and several exchange equipment. And all throughout the decade, the company has improved and expanded its product portfolio that could cater to lots of customers in all types of industries. Though the company specifically offers its products and services in the Australian market, it also caters to the needs of customers in the Pacific regions. And a lot of businesses have climbed their ways to success through the use of the company’s phone systems.

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