Interquartz 1 IQ8600 Wideband Base, 10 Handsets

Interquartz 1 IQ8600 Wideband Base, 10 Handsets
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1 IQ8600 Wideband Base, 10 Handsets

The IQ8600 Package uses the new SIP IP DECT cordless system of the same model and the new Cordless Advanced Technology- Internet and Quality(CAT-iq). This technology focuses on both wideband VoIP with high quality and data applications that have low bit-rate. This works as such primarily because it was structured to work on next-gen networks and their respective IP voice services. It also provides more flexibility and mobility to its users without injuring their pockets with further expenses.

IQ8600 phone systems makes use of the CAT-iq technology seamlessly, considering how easy to install and mountable it is. It can connect up to 40 networked base with 240 handsets connected to these bases smoothly. It can also be structured to be capable of supporting smooth wideband audio from SIP environment to cordless handset,

More Information on thisIQ8600 Package

  • Manufacturer:
  • Interquartz
  • Package Inclusion:
  • 1 IQ8600 Wideband Base
    10 Handsets
  • Colour:
  • Black
  • Condition:
  • Brand New
  • Warranty:
  • 12 Months

OUR PRICE: AUD$ 2278.98

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Key Features to Take Note of

  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) Support
  • Repeater Support
  • SIP-compatible Base
  • Broadsoft-compatible
  • Over-the-air Synchronisation
  • Scalable System (From 1 to 40 Bases)
  • Ratio of 1 Base: 30 Roaming Handsets
  • Up to 200 Users (200 Handsets Registered)
  • Located on the Base: LED Status Indicated
  • For Roaming: Seamless Mid-call Handover
  • Single Base Mode: 10 Handsets per Base
  • Multi-base Network: 8 Handsets per Base
  • Optional: Wideband Audio HDSP G729

About Interquartz

Interquartz Pty Ltd is an Australian company that is privately owned and was established in the year 1981. Since the company’s establishment, it was able to perform excellently, owning the exclusive product rights to brand names, including IQ, Interquartz, and IQTEL. It has sold more than a million of communication products and systems in the market, catering to over 5,000 customers, both corporate and government institutions. Some of these sectors include industries like health, educational, hotel and hospitality, and industrial sectors. With its more than 30 years of experience in the industry, it has been considered as one of the most experienced independent supplier of communication products and systems in Australia.

Interquartz has always aimed to be more than just a device supplier but to provide the market and industry with high quality phones that would not require a lot of monetary value from customers. With this goal in mind, the company has been meticulously evaluating its products.

About TelephonesOnline

One of Australia’s premier providers of business communication products and solutions,Telephonesonline Pty Ltd has been in the industry for over 2 decades now. Since the company’s foundation, it was able to provide customers of all types and enterprises of all sizes with their communication requirements.With the company’s wide range and comprehensive product portfolio, composed of both brand new and refurbished products, it is able to provide all sorts of communication devices, with their specific features, functionalities, and uniqueness.

Telephonesonline does not only have a large portfolio but it also makes sure that all its products are of high quality, whether it be brand new or second-hand. This is ensured with Telephonesonline’s No Compromise on Quality Policy. This policy protects customers and makes sure that the company stands by its promising of always providing high quality products to its customers. This is especially very important to customers purchasing refurbished items.

Find out more and visit the Perth Office at 1/36 Irvine Drive Malaga WA 6090.

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