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Hybrex DK2-21 Handset Telephone - WHITE Handset

Hybrex DK2-21 Handset Telephone - WHITE Handset
  • HYBREX_DK2-21-White Key Telephone Handset
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Hybrex DK2-21 Handset White
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Hybrex DK2-21 White Telephone Handset (Refurbished)

The Hybrex DK2-21 White Telephone Handset is a contemporary style phone that features a large tilt adjustable and backlit 4-line LCD display that provides necessary information for users to handle calls better and more effectively. The phone also has executive features that include a fully hands-free operations, comprehensive bi-colour lit system keys, and even the use of superior full wireless headset operation through compatible Bluetooth headsets.

Hybrex DK2-21 White Telephone Handset can be connected with a companion DSS console in order to add more keys to the entire system. The combination of these two devices will serve as an ideal choice for hotel front desks and reception areas.

As a standalone executive communication device, the Hybrex DK2-21 White Telephone Handset is a top-of-the-line phone excellent for those in executive positions. This handset also makes use of a single pair wiring that offers users easy and worry-less deployment and instalment.

More Product Information

  • Manufacturer: Hybrex
  • Product Type: Digital Phone
  • Colour: White
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Warranty: 12 Months Replacement


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12 Top-notch Features of Hybrex DK2-21 White Telephone Handset

  1. Large, Tilt-adjustable, and Graphic-style LCD Display
  2. High Quality Performance: Full Hands-free Operation
  3. With Headset Socket
  4. Wireless Headset Facility: Bluetooth integrated in DK2-21BT model
  5. Standard Dial Pad
  6. 10 Function Keys (with 5 LED Indicator Keys)
  7. Navigator Key Set
  8. 22 Programmable System/Function Keys (With Bi-colour LED Indicators)
  9. Message or Voice Mail Indicator (High Visibility Blue LED)
  10. User Control over: Ring Level, Style, and Frequency
  11. User Control over Audio Levels of: Speaker, Earpiece, Mic, and Camp-on Tone
  12. Additional 2 Programmable Function Keys

Additional Hybrex Parts:

  • DK1-21 Handsfree, LCD Display
  • DK1-DSS 60 Buttons Direct Station Selection
  • DK2-21 Handsfree, Large LCD Display
  • DK2-21 BT Handsfree, Large LCD Display, Bluetooth
  • DK2-DSS 66 Buttons Direct Station Selection
  • DK3-21 Handsfree, LCD Display
  • DK3-33 On-hook Dial
  • DK-ACP Access Control Phone
  • DK-DPU1 One Button, Weatherproof Doorphone

About Hybrex

With business market ranging all over the world in countries all over Asia, Europe, UK, and the US, Hybrexhas established its role and reputation excellently in the global market with the help of its top-notch products and systems. These Hybrex devices and systems are distributed all over the world and are supplied to individuals and enterprises alike worldwide in order to provide them with business quality phone equipment and solutions.

Hybrex has its name based on the words- hybrid exchange. The company offers a hybrid pone system that is versatile to the point that it can be programmed as a central PABX answering type of system and/or a key type system. And while the company may be an expert in providing the communication needs of small and midsized enterprises (SMEs), it is also capable of satisfying large corporations and the like, especially with the introduction of the company’s Hybrex1280 port systems.

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Give this phone a try by having it delivered right now! Call company hotline at Australia wide 1300 088 088!
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