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Dual Charger Pack for SpectraLink 77-series Handsets

Dual Charger Pack for SpectraLink 77-series Handsets
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Dual Charger Pack for SpectraLink 77-series Handsets

Dual Charger Pack for SpectraLink 77-series Handsets is a bundle of communication accessories that includes the following items all in one (1) convenient package:

  • Dual Charger for SpectraLink 77-series Handsets
  • Power Supply Unit

The dual charger accessory included in this bundle can accommodate two (2) battery packs in one charging, with one battery pack installed inside the handset and situated to the front slot and one battery pack situated in the back slot as a standalone and separate charging battery. With this process, users can even make use of the shift-replaceable battery feature, which will enable them to be able to use the handset 24/7, improving their productivity. It also ensures that users have a spare battery pack fully charged at all times for security.

More Product Information

  • Brand: SpectraLink
  • Product Type: Dual Charger Pack
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: SpectraLink 77-series Handsets
  • Inclusion: Power Supply Unit

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Greatest Features of SpectraLink 77-series Handsets

  1. Dust-protected
  2. Resistant to Shocks, Vibrations, & Splashing Water
  3. Disinfectant-resistant
  4. Robust & Ruggedised Construction
  5. Application-enabled Structure
  6. Designed for Healthcare Industry
  7. Membrane Keypad
  8. Large Coloured Icons
  9. Customisable Text Messaging
  10. DECT Accessories Complementary Products
  11. Bluetooth Headset Connection
  12. Expanded Safety Features:
    • Movement Detectors
    • Alarm Key
    • Tear-off String

About SpectraLink

Currently headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, SpectraLink is the telecommunications enterprise that has founded its reputation towards the innovation and creation of high quality mobile communications products and solutions, even responsible for inventing the first purpose-built mobile devices that have aided in-building employees in the American market since then.

SpectraLink is supported by approximately more than 500 company partners and approximately 51 to 200 employees, which are designated all over the world. With offices established in Horsens, Denmark and Bracknell, United Kingdom, the company has expanded its operations towards the global market. All of the company’s support has unrivalled experience in the telecommunications industry, helping to extend its expertise to customers with ease. The company even has high trained Wi-Fi voice engineers to help in the development of incredible technology and one of the most popular results is the SpectraLink Voice Quality Optimisation or VQO.

SpectraLink is currently the leading enterprise and frontrunner of the enterprise mobility market.

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