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Dual Charger for IQ8630 Handset

Dual Charger for IQ8630 Handset
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Dual Charger for IQ8630 Handset

Each IQ8630 Handset is incorporated with a handset charger. This charger is specifically designed to charge the handset and automatically make sure to maintain the necessary battery charge levels and voltage for the handset.

Powered by AC supply valuing from 110 to 240 VAC, the charger handset supplies 5.5VDC at 600mA.

More Information on the Charger

  • Power (AC/DC) Input:
  • 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz (90-265 VAC)
  • Output Nom:
  • 5.5 VDC 600 mA
  • Type:
  • Switching Mode for Different Country Variants
  • Empty Batt Recharged in:
  • Less than 6 Hours
  • Charging Slot:
  • One for Handset

Take Note: When charging the battery for the first time, make sure to leave the handset in the charger for at least 10 hours before the battery is fully charged and the device ready to be used.

There are two LED lights on the charger and they have their respective meanings:

LED on the front of the Charger

  • On: Handset is connected to the charger
  • Off: Handset is not in the charger

LED on the top of the Charger

  • On: Reserve Battery (Standby Battery) put in the Charger
  • Off: Reserve Battery (Standby Battery) fully charged


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All about the Silent Charging

Silent Charging is a feature of this handset that can be activated by selecting the Settings sub-menu on the Main menu. Under settings, the option Silent Charging should be chosen. There are three options for silent charging, which are as follows:

  • Off: The handset is ringing when receiving incoming calls (Audio Alert and Incoming Call Screen Displayed.)
  • Disconnect: The handset doesn’t react on incoming calls (No audio alert and no incoming call screen displayed)
  • Silent: The handset reacts on incoming calls but the handset doesn’t ring (No audio alert but the incoming call screen is displayed)

About Interquartz

Interquartz is an independent Australian supplier of phone handsets and systems. Privately owned, it was created in 1981 with one goal in mind, which is to develop and manufacture high quality telephones without having to require a lot of money from customers. And throughout its 30 years of existence, this is what the company has been busying itself over. This is very evident in the high quality communication products and systems that it offers, some of which are under the brand names IQ, IQTEL, and Interquartz, which are brands that the company have exclusive right over.

Interquartz Pty Ltd was registered in the year 1981 and from then was able to offer the market with more than 1 million telephones. These communication devices have benefitted more than 5000 government and corporate customers in Australia. This is what made the company one of the most experienced independent suppliers of telephones in Australia.

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Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is the biggest online store in Australia, with an extensive and all-ranging product portfolio. This portfolio allows the company to deliver top-notch phone handsets and systems to customers of all types, from individuals in need of simple residential phones to small enterprises in search for affordable business phone system, and finally to large corporation looking for a more complex and advanced system.

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