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Door Phone Single Press Button , Steel Housed

Door Phone Single Press Button , Steel Housed
  • Apartment Back-Light Door Phone  Apartment Back Light Door Phone Builtin Colour TV Camera and Single Press Button , Steel Housed
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Steel-housed Door Phone with Single Press Button

Steel-housed Door Phone with Single Press Button is designed for wall or pole mounting at a height of approximately 1.5 meters (5 feet). Visitors should stand within 0.5 meters (20 inches) of the Door Phone for best results.

Door phones,such as this, are designed to be highly weather-resistant and they have proven to be highly reliable over long periods of time, providing it is not exposed to direct rain. The communication devices has aspeaker that is made of a plastic Mylar material and great effort has been taken to maximise weather proofing all electronic components.

This Flush Mount Door Phone Compact Version, like other door phone devices,is not fully waterproof. Whenever thedoor phone is not under cover, the optional Perspex door phone cover can be used in order to ensure that water from rain cannot gradually permeate through to the electronics of the device, which can cause unreliable operation and can eventually lead to permanent failure


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Steel-housed Door Phone with Single Press Button Features and Specifications
  • Connection Reach: Up to 200 Metres
  • Material: Steel
  • High Quality Cabling: CAT5
  • Max Connection: 2 Door Phones (Parallel)
  • Wall or Pole Mounting Option
  • Weather-resistant
  • Speaker Made of Plastic Mylar Material
  • Optional Add-on: Perspex Door Phone Cover
  • Sealed Perspex 1cm Camera Hole
  • Camera Mounting Studs

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