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Door Phone Single Press Button , Plastic Housed

Door Phone Single Press Button , Plastic Housed
  • Apartment Back-Light Door Phone  Apartment Back Light Door Phone Builtin Colour TV Camera and Single Press Button , Steel Housed
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Plastic-housed Door Phone with Single Press Button

The Plastic-housed Door Phone with Single Press Button is an excellent device that can be installed in entrance areas of buildings and infrastructures in order to increase security by making sure that visitors are checked and identified first before letting them in.


More Information on Plastic-housed Door Phone


  • Max Reach (Distance):
200 Metres
  • Max Device Connection:
2 Door Phones
  • Ideal Mounting Height:
1.5 Metres

Note: Weather-resistant but not fully waterproof

Plastic-housed Door Phone seamlessly and easily operates up to 200 metres away from the controller or the door station. And at most 2 door phones can be connected to the controller, allowing security in two locations. The connection between the two devices are parallel.

Designed both for pole and wall mounting, the door phone can be set at approximately 5 metres from the ground. And for best result in using the communication device, users are advised to stand within 0.5 metre from the device.

With the Plastic-housed Door Phone being water-resistant but not fully waterproof, it is highly reliable communication device as long as not directly exposed to rain. A Perspex door phone cover might help.


Know more about this surface mount door phone through Australia wide 1300 088 088.


Plastic-housed Door Phone with Single Press Button Features to Take Advantage of
  • Attractive Injection Moulded Plastic Case
  • Wall or Pole Surface Mount
  • High Quality Cabling (CAT5)
  • At most 2 Door Phone Device connected to Controller (Parallel Connection)
  • Weather-resistant
  • Optional: Perspex Door Phone Cover

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