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Siemens optiPoint 500 standard

Siemens optiPoint 500 standard
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Siemens optiPoint 500
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Siemens optiPoint 500 Standard

Siemens optiPoint 500 Standard Phone is a hands-free telephone handset that showcases excellent features and capabilities. A full-features digital phone, the communication device offers full-duplex speakerphone capability ideal for power users, whose job that include high traffic of calls daily.

Siemens optiPoint 500 Standard Phone has the following dimensions:

  • Width:
214 mm
  • Depth:
220 mm
  • Height:
68 mm

optiPoint 500 Standard is excellent to be used in areas where call coverage is necessary.


Information on Siemens optiPoint 500 Standard


  • Manufacturer:
  • Phone Type:
Digital Handset
  • Colour:


Dial Australia wide 1300 088 088 now and talk to Telephonesonline representatives.


Features of the Siemens optiPoint 500 Standard to Benefit From
  • 12 Feature Keys with LEDs
  • Full Duplex Hands-free Talking with Echo Suppression
  • Alphanumeric LCD Swivel Display: 2 x 24 Characters
  • Integrated USB 1.1 Interface
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Ringer and Handset Volume
  • Key Module Support*
  • 2 Adapter Ports
  • 1 Headset Port
  • 3 Dialog Keys for Easy Navigation
  • 2 Keys for setting Ringer Volume, Ringer Pitch, Hands-free Talking Quality, Altering Tone, and Display Contrast
  • Wall-mounting


(*) Extends the number of feature keys the handset can support. This is useful for phones in the reception areas as mini switchboard.


About Siemens

Siemens AG has been in the industry for more than 165 years now. The company holds a global powerhouse position in the worldwide market, especially it being an electrification value chain. This company deals with power distribution, generation, and transmission. It helps customers have access to smart grid solutions and efficient electrical energy application.

Siemens has around 348,000 employees working under the company. And these employees work under one of the 289 major manufacturing and production plants located all around the world. The company even has the following institutions all over the world:


Office Buildings ● Warehouses ● Research and Development Facilities ● Sales Offices


Siemens AG was incorporated as the name Siemens Engineering and Manufacturing Company of India Private Limited. It was incorporation in March 2, 1957. From the very time it was incorporated, it already dealt with all types of energy-oriented products, systems, and services. This also includes installation and commissioning.



About TelephonesOnline


Australia’s biggest store operating online, Telephonesonline Pty Ltd has an extensive and all-ranging product portfolio capable of catering to all types and sizes of enterprises and customers in different markets. This is what makes the company one of the best in the industry.

Telephonesonline can cater to small enterprises because of its refurbished and pre-owned offers. Since small enterprises mostly have limited budget for the communication system, refurbished offers are their best shot. Through this, small enterprises then will have the chance to make use of phones with more features at affordable prices.

Telephonesonline, in addition, could also cater to medium to large companies because of the brad new VoIP and IP phone systems that the company offers. The company offers an excellent transition to customers from the traditional PABX telephone systems.


To make a quote inquiry, please call Australia wide 1300 088 088
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