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Siemens optiPoint 500 Economy

Siemens optiPoint 500  Economy
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Siemens optiPoint 500 Economy

Siemens optiPoint 500 Economy is the one of the most basic communication device of the optiPoint line. In fact, it is the first display phone in the Siemens optiPoint family. With its features, it offers a complete digital voice communication package, showcasing not only basic telephony functionalities.

Phone Dimension:

  • Width:
214 mm
  • Depth:
220 mm
  • Height:
68 mm


Siemens optiPoint 500 Economy Product Summary


  • Manufacturer:
  • Phone Type:
Digital Handset
  • Colour:
  • Condition:


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Siemens optiPoint 500 Economy Phone Features to Use
  • Open Listening
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • 12 Feature Keys
  • Ringer and Handset Volume
  • Alphanumeric LCD Tiltable Display: 24 Characters x 2 Lines
  • Easy Menu Navigation through 3 Dialog Keys (Yes, Back, Next Keys)
  • 2 Keys (Plus, Minus)*
  • Wall-mountable

(*) For setting the following:

  • Ringer Volume
  • Ringer Pitch
  • Alerting Tone
  • Display Contrast
  • Hands-free Talking Quality

About Siemens

Siemens is a multinational corporation with its roots based in Germany. Its headquarters are located in Munich and Berlin and is considered as Europe’s largest engineering company, covering several divisions and its main activities include the following:


Industry ● Energy ● Healthcare ● Infrastructure and Cities ● Digitalisation ● Automation


Also known as Siemens AG, the company is also a medical diagnostics equipment maker. With almost 362,000 employees working worldwide, Siemens has billions of revenues, taking into consideration the company’s annual report. And a huge part of these revenues come from its electronics sector.

Siemens is also known as the largest resource-saving and energy-efficient technologies producer in the world. Operating in more than 200 countries, the entire company is the definition of excellence, internationality, innovation, quality, and reliability. It has existed for over 165 years and has established itself in the industry well, supporting a lot of customers and enterprises in the markets all over the world.


About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated Telephony Company that has been operating for more than 20 years now. Its main operations occur online, where the company showcases its products and services in its website and customers can easily check them out whenever it is convenient for them. The offers are then delivered to their respective customers and their specific locations, wherever it may be in the country.

Telephonesonline has an extensive product portfolio that helps the company cater to all types and sizes of enterprises. In addition than that, it also offers high quality products and services that customers can be assured that what they have are of top-notch quality.

Telephonesonline also offers competitive prices along with the company’s offers. This is also one of the reasons why the company can cater to all types of customers.


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