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PVDM2-16U48 Network products by Cisco Systems

PVDM2-16U48 Network products by Cisco Systems
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Cisco PVDM2-16U48 Factory Upgrade

The Cisco PVDM2-16U48 Factory upgrade is an upgrade of the device from the 16-channel to 48-channel. This PDVM2 upgrade allows users to reuse or distribute DSP (digital signal processor) resources as much as needed on the routers or network modules. This upgrade also allows voice deployment’s easily scaling considering its field-upgradeable capability.

Cisco PVDM2-16U48 Factory Upgrade provides better high-density connectivity, transcoding, and conferencing capabilities in Cisco IP Communications solutions through its Cisco Systems Integrated Services Routers.

More Product Information

  • Manufacturer: Cisco
  • Product Type: PDVM2 16-channel to 48-channel Factory Upgrade
  • Colour: N/A
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: PC
  • Slot Type: Expansion Slot
  • Form Factor: SIMM 80-pin
  • Warranty: 12 Months Replacement

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Benefits of Using PVDM2 Upgrades

  1. Enables Cisco Systems Integrated Services Routers to Provide High-density Voice Connectivity, Conferencing, and Transcoding Capabilities in Cisco IP Communications
  2. Allows Distribution or Reusing of DSP Resources among the Routers or Network Modules as Needed
  3. Enables the Scaling of Voice Deployment
  4. Provides Four Time the Processing Power and Higher Memory than Existing PVDM
  5. Supports the Future Growth with its High Performance

About Cisco

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Cisco Systems, Inc. is an international computer networking and technology company that was created in the year 1984 by Stanford University scientists when they developed the multi-protocol router. And now, the company is involved in several fields of technology, still aiming to provide customers with unprecedented value and opportunity, which would in the future shape the Internet.

Cisco Systems, Inc. designs, develops, produces, and sells networking equipment and solutions all over the world. It also involves itself in several specialties, including Telepresence, Unified Communication and Collaboration, Security, Data Centre, Wireless, Virtualisation, Networking, and Unified Computing Systems. This American multination corporation operates worldwide with the support of more than 70,000 employees all around the world. Listed in Russell 1000 Index, S&P 500 Index, Russell 1000 Growth Stock Index, NASDAQ-100 Index, and Dow Jones Industrial Average, Cisco Systems, Inc. is even now recognised as the largest networking company in the world.

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