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LG Aria 7024 Digital Phone 24 Button Display (Refurbished Handset) LDP-7024

LG Aria 7024 Digital Phone 24 Button Display (Refurbished Handset) LDP-7024
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Lg Aria LDP-7024
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AUD$ 99.95
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LG Aria 7024 Digital Phone 24 Button Display (Refurbished Handset) LDP-7024

LG Aria 7024 -*Digital 24-button Display Phone is the perfect communication device for receptionists and employees in lobbies. This model of the phone is known as the reception model of the LG 7000 series. A default programming handset, the communication device is very popular to all types of customers because of its simplistic and convenient design.

The device is filled with efficient and functional features that can be highly useful to all types of businesses. Since the phone has a simple design, users get to understand how it works easily and fast, saving lots of time and effort in learning how to use it in the first place. The LG Aria 7024 Digital Phone is easy to operate, which gives businesses with additional advantage. It can see through and accommodate 24 staff. In addition, the device is described mostly as intuitive especially because of the high tech features of the phone.


Product Information of LG Aria 7024 Digital Phone
  • Manufacturer: LG Corporation
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Colour: Black

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LG Aria 7024 Digital Phone 24 Button Display Features
  • LCD Screen: 24 Characters x 3 Lines
  • Adjustable Display
  • Interactive/Menu Key
  • Navigation Key
  • Dedicated LED Feature Keys
  • Multi-colour Line Keys
  • 24 Flexible Keys that can be assigned to some functions*
  • Headset Jack
  • Dial by Name
  • Menu-driven

Note: (*) Example of these functions include Direct Station Select, Line Status, and Speed Dial Numbers


Phone Features Users Can Install that Require Additional Module
  • Full Duplex Hands-free
  • Polyphonic Ring Melodies
  • USB Recording
  • Bluetooth


About LG Aria

LG Aria, with its official company name as Aria Communications Pty Ltd, is one of the best exclusive distributor of LG and Nortel communication products and services in Australia. It started operating way back in January 2000 and since then have been a part of the CDM Group of Companies, which is headquartered in Perth, Australia. The fact that the company itself runs under the banner name LG Aria means that the company is a close relationship with the LG Corporation since it allows the distributor to carry its name.

Aria Communications is also known as the LG Global Platinum Distributor. Competing with distributors all over the 53 countries that LG Corporation markets its products and services, the company was able to be at the top. Some of these countries included in the competition are the following:


Germany ● Italy ● Spain ● Sweden ● South Africa ● UK ● USA



About TelephonesOnline

Australia-owned and –operated, Telephonesonline is one of the most popular and into-the-generation telecommunication company that caters to all types of phone needs businesses and households all over the country have. The company is especially very beneficial to small and growing businesses since it is considered as the largest supplier of pre-owned and refurbished communication phones and solutions in the country. But more than that, there are two factors that makes Telephonesonline one of the best in the industry and these are the company’s No Compromise on Quality policy and competitive pricing.

The company’s policy circles on making sure that customers only have the best from Telephonesonline. This is especially important with their used and refurbished products and solutions since customers are more ensured that the company’s refurbished products are highly functional and still at the top of their league. And for the competitive pricing, you can visit the company’s official site at Telephonesonline.com.au. .

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