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8 Button Essentials Handset BLACK NEC

8 Button Essentials Handset BLACK NEC
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8 Button Essentials Handset BLACK NEC

The NEC 8-button handset is also known as the NEC D Series i Essential Digital Handset. This phone provides communication support to all kinds of people, from their residential use to professional functions.

This phone has programmable keys that could be customised depending on the needs of its users, making it very flexible and convenient to use. That is even in addition to several featured keys and functionalities that the communication device takes pride in. This NEC phone can be ideal to all types of needs.


More Details on NEC D Series i Essential Handset
  • Manufacturer:
NEC Corporation
  • Colour:
  • Compatibility:
NEC XEN IPK Phone Systems
  NEC XEN MASTER Phone Systems
  NEC XEN AXIS Phone Systems


More information available through Australia wide 1300 088 088 NOW.


What You Get When You Use the 8-Button Essentials Handset
  • 8 Programmable Keys that can be accommodated for BLF or busy lamp field, DSS or direct station selection, one-touch feature access, and lines
  • 8 Button Display
  • 4 System Dependent Soft Function Keys that can correspond to a set of functions that display on the LCD and also can change according to the state of the telephone
  • 2-colour LEDs that immediately indicate call status
  • 11 Dedicated Function Keys to ensure ease of operation
  • Adjustable LCD: 3-line/24 Characters per Line
  • Hands-free Operation that is applicable for all calls
  • Inbuilt Headset Jack
  • Integrated Headset Port and Support for Add-on Adaptors except for IP Phone
  • IP Version: 2 Port VLAN Switch for connection of PC and 802.3af PoE
  • Message Waiting Light

About NEC Corporation

The NEC Corporation was established in Japan in the year 1899. Since then, the company has been providing all types of industries and markets with innovative communication system integrations and excellent phone solutions and services. NEC targets businesses and supplies and supports their communication systems and environments. It makes sure that that businesses remain connected as much as they could in order to ensure smooth operations. From enterprise business to public, to system platform, and finally to telecom carrier business, NEC works under all sorts of fields and categories.

NEC Corporation provides communication products, systems, and services to both public and private sectors. Included in their markets are financial institutions, domestic and foreign government agencies, and private enterprises. The company and its products and services have been very beneficial and advantageous to their operations. More than just making sure the smooth communication environment is enforced, the company also provides extra protection and security on their transactions.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is a telecommunications company in Australia that mostly operates online. The company has its official website do the job for them. Customers would simply have to go to the site and choose their preferred products with a click of a button. Telephonesonline then, with the help of their warehouses and offices scattered all over the country, will deliver the purchased products and solutions at the agreed date and time.

Telephonesonline has an extensive portfolio of products and solutions, including both brand new and refurbished items. This is the reason why the company is considered the largest online store in Australia. With lots of options to choose from, the company can cater to all sizes of businesses, from small and mid-sized ones to large corporations.

To make a quote inquiry, please call Australia wide 1300 088 088
Order today for FAST Delivery Australia Wide: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Queensland, Perth, Darwin, Canberra and Adelaide.


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