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Commander 32D Elite Phone - White Colour DTR-32D-1C (WH) (Refurbished)

Commander 32D Elite Phone - White Colour DTR-32D-1C (WH) (Refurbished)
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Dterm DTR-32D-1C (WH)
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AUD$ 70.00
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Commander 32D Elite Phone- White Colour DTR-32D-1C (WH) (Refurbished)

Communication is a very important element in the operations of businesses in all types of industry. And the Commander 32D Elite Phone is one of the most excellent communication device in the industry that businesses can take advantage of. This product have the following details:

Colour: White
Compatibility: Commander Elite Office Telephone System
Condition: Refurbished

This Commander 32D Elite Phone is a refurbished product but it comes with a 12 month warranty from the company. The counting of the days for the warranty starts from the day that the customer purchase the product,

Commander 32D Elite Phone offer also have identical warranty cover to a brand new business phone.

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6 Commander 32D Elite Phone Awesome Features
  1. 4 x Soft Function Keys (System Dependant)
  2. 32 Programmable Keys
  3. Adjustable 3 Line LCD Display
  1. Hands-free Operation
  2. Inbuilt Headset Jack
  3. Message Waiting Light



Benefits You Get from Using Refurbished Phones

The Commander 32D Elite Phone is offered in refurbished condition but this does not mean that it is less functional than brand new ones. In fact, choosing refurbished phones have several benefits that users can take advantage of. But first, what is the difference between brand new phones and refurbished ones?

Brand new phones come in new and original boxes, smooth exterior design, and sold in original price. Refurbished phones are offered in lower prices, have minor cosmetic flaws to their exterior design, and come in a different packaging than the box of original ones. The following are some of the benefits that users of these refurbished phones can enjoy and make use of:

  • Users have a more affordable choice
  • Advanced technology is more accessible through cheaper prices
  • More features can be afforded even in low price
  • Top-notch equipment can be purchase while saving money at the same time

About Commander

Commander is an Australian-focused company that provides premier phone systems, handsets, and services that support all industries and businesses in the country. Considering the fact that communication plays a vital role in all kinds of operations of different businesses, Commander is a provider of an important element that their offers function excellently.

Commander was established more than 30 years ago when Plessey and Telstra Corporation decided to collaborate with each other and decided to produce communication products and solutions that could help a lot of people in their need to connect at all times. Throughout those years, the company learned as much as it can about the industry and the market that it caters to. And now, it is able to provide any communication need that users have. From simple phone handsets to well-needed communication system, Commander can provide all these types of products and services in their portfolio.



About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest online store. Since it was established over 2 decades ago, the company operates through the internet and accepts all types of orders online. Customers can simply go online, visit the website, choose the products and services customers wanted and check them out. Telephonesonline then will deliver the products to wherever the customers are in the country. Their prompt delivery is ensured through their offices and warehouses scattered in the country.

Telephonesonline is the largest store operating on the web because of its comprehensive product portfolio. The company offers traditional PABX telephone systems, VoIP and IP phone systems, as well as simple analogue phone handsets. Included in the company’s portfolio are products with the following brands:

  • Avaya
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Aristel
  • Cisco
  • Commander
  • Ericsson
  • Exicom
  • Fujitsu
  • Gigaset
  • GN Netcom
  • Hybrex
  • LG Aria
  • NEC
  • Nortel
  • Omni
  • Panasonic
  • Plantronics
  • Polycom
  • Samsung
  • Siemens


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