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ClearOne MAX Wireless Conference Phone

ClearOne MAX Wireless Conference Phone
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ClearOne MAX Wireless Conference Phone

This ClearOne MAX Wireless Conference Phone is an industry-leading communication device that offers some of the most innovative features and functions that can support the more complex and wide range conference requirements and needs of organisations and enterprises worldwide. This tabletop conference phone is wireless and so can be used in any room and can be carried to any room to transform it to a conference room. It is most ideal to be used for home offices, executive offices, and small to mid-sized conference rooms.

ClearOne MAX Wireless Conference Phone is integrated with unsurpassed audio clarity through technologies that include HDConference audio technology, noise reduction, and echo cancellation. It also has first mic priority, automatic level controls, and 360-degree mic pickup. Designed with a clean and elegant look, this conference phone takes conferencing to a new level of mobility room to room. It also has secured and encrypted transmissions.

ClearOne MAX Wireless Conference Phone has full duplex audio which means that it operates without the risk of cutting in and out. It has a large loudspeaker that offers users with clear and rich conferencing operation or audio playback. The device is expandable up to 4 total units, which makes it perfect for larger room coverage and distributed control. It uses 64-bit encrypted communication with 150-foot signal range and 12 hours of battery life.

More Product Information

  • Brand: ClearOne
  • Product Type: Conference Phone
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Talk Time: Conference Phone
  • Stanby Time: 12 Hours
  • Coverage: Within 150 Feet of Base Unit
    Up to 4 Total Units
  • Audio Pickup: 12 Feet (360-degree)

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15 Awesome Features of ClearOne MAX Wireless

  1. PBX Connection via Analogue Phone Line
  2. Full-duplex Operation
  3. Noise-reduction Technology
  4. Distributed Echo Cancellation Technology
  5. Automatic Gain & Level Control
  6. First Microphone Priority
  7. ClearOne HDConference Audio Technology
  8. Microphone and Speaker Level Automatic Adjustment
  9. Adaptive Modelling-continuously Samples Room Acoustics
  10. Rich, Clear, & Large Loudspeaker
  11. Three (3) Built-in Microphones Array with 360-degree Audio Pickup
  12. Analogue Telephone Jack & Base Station
  13. 64-bit Encrypted Communication
  14. 150-foot Signal Range
  15. 12-hour Battery Life

About ChasePower

ClearOne is a top-notch global enterprise that offers the market with wide selection of visual and voice communication products and solutions. It is excellent in the development and selling of collaboration and conferencing products and solutions, as well as network streaming and signage solutions for visual and voice communications. More than just the innovativeness of the technologies and products that the company offers, the company is also the epitome of scalability, reliability, functionality, and simplicity all wrapped up into one powerful company.

ClearOne is a guaranteed market leader, which is popular for producing a lot of firsts in the industry. It is responsible for offering industry’s first professional-grade beamforming microphone array, distributed audio echo cancellation audio conference system, wireless conference phone, and fully-scalable conference phone. And these products and technologies are just the start.

ClearOne is considered to be a market leader when it comes to installed audio products and solutions. It offers one of the most complete audio conference product line in the industry and global market.

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