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Cisco IP DSS Module CP-KEM-C (Refurbished)

Cisco IP DSS Module CP-KEM-C (Refurbished)
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Cisco CP-KEM-C
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AUD$ 343.75
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Cisco IP DSS Module CP-KEM-C (Refurbished)

Cisco IP DSS Module CP-KEM-C is an expansion module that provides extended capabilities through its additional buttons and coloured LCD display. This makes it perfect for administrative assistants and other people whose work involve covering, managing, and monitoring call status. It provides additional 18 physical keys with access to 18 other additional keys through the use of page keys, which totals to 36 additional keys. It comes with a foot stand and all other important hardware to connect it directly to the base phone.

A single Cisco Unified Phone 9971 can be connected to at most 2 key expansion modules. While the Cisco Unified IP Phone 8961 can accommodate 1 key expansion module.

More Product Information

  • Manufacturer:
  • Phone Type:
Add-on Module
  • Colour:
  • Dimensions:
234 x 128 x 41 mm (H x W X D)
  • Compatibility:
Cisco Unified IP Phone 9971
  Cisco Unified IP Phone 9951
  Cisco Unified IP Phone 8961
  • Condition:
  • Warranty:
12 Months Replacement


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6 Basic Features of Cisco IP DSS Module CP-KEM-C

  1. Large LCD Display: 4.3-in graphical TFT Colour Display with 16-bit Colour Depth and 480 x 272 Pixel Solution (With Backlight)
  2. Feature Keys Buttons: Directory Number, Line Key, or Speed-dial Key
  3. 2 Illuminated Buttons (Can be configured as a directory number or shared-line keys)
  4. Page Buttons (Two page buttons are used to access each page of 18 buttons and provide phone status)
  5. Directory-number and Feature Buttons (18 Physical Buttons- 36 with page key)
  6. Sleep or Inactivity Mode

About Cisco

Founded by Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack in December 1984, Cisco Systems Inc. started its operations in San Francisco, California, and from there has expanded to global marketing. This excellent husband-and-wife team saw the need to address communication challenges while they were working for the Stanford University. They experienced technological shortcomings when they wanted to email each other while they were located in different buildings. And this is when the multi-protocol router was introduced in the industry.

Cisco, the worldwide leader, has nowbecome an expert in specific telecom specialties, including unified communication, data centre, collaboration, virtualisation, networking, and unified computing systems. It has more than 70,000 employees working under its operations in the computer networking industry. The largest networking company in the world, it is well-known in designing, manufacturing, and selling networking equipment. In general, the company aids enterprises worldwide in seizing tomorrow’s opportunities and advantages in keeping connected at all times.

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