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Charger Base for Revolabs HD Dual Channel or Revolabs HD Venue

Charger Base for Revolabs HD Dual Channel or Revolabs HD Venue
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Charger Base for Revolabs HD Dual Channel or Revolabs HD Venue

This Charger Base for Revolabs HD Dual Channel or Revolabs HD Venue is an accessory that helps in powering the microphone systems where the device is connected. This HD wireless microphone charger base is normally offered in an all-in-one bundle together with a rack-mountable base station. The combination of the devices help in producing a versatile audio solution that will be perfect for a company’s audio and video conferencing requirements and needs.

Revolabs HD Venue Dual Channel Wireless System uses the charger base to support and power the microphones connected to it. The system normally supports a maximum of two (2) HD audio wireless microphones, which can be purchased separately, depending on the packages offered.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Revolabs
  • Product Type: Charger Base
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: Revolabs HD Dual Channel
    Revolabs HD Venue
  • Power: 5 VDC, 1 A (100 to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz)
  • Weight: 0.32 lb/0.15 kg
  • Dimensions: 4.60 x 3.12 x 1.00 in/11.75 x 7.90 x 2.54 cm (L x W x H)

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Revolabs Executive HD Venue Dual Channel Rack-mounted Wireless Microphone Benefits Users Can Enjoy

  • High Audio Quality
  • Wideband Frequency Response
  • Wireless Freedom
  • Supports Multiple Microphones:
    • Wearable
    • Tabletop Boundary
    • Handheld
    • Countryman Adapter for Earset Microphone
  • Free from Cell Phone Buzz through RF Armour Technology
  • Offers Secured Signal between Base Station and Microphone through 128-bit Encryption
  • Suitable for Voice Reinforcement Applications & Video Conferencing
  • Accommodates Two (2) Units with Four (4) Microphones Offering Versatility
  • Delivers Rechargeable Battery
  • Prevents Cables from Falling Out through Connectivity Locks
  • Provides Complete Control with Control Audio Options (Outputs Level, Line Level, & Microphone Level)
  • Saves Costs from Daily Battery Replacement
  • Saves from Inconvenience Brought by Bulky Battery Packs

About Revolabs

Established in 2005, Revolabs, Inc. is an American manufacturer of wireless audio products, solutions, and systems, which has become a label in the global market today. Headquartered in Sudbury, Massachusetts, the company offers products and services for specific professional and enterprise collaboration audio applications, from audio and video conferencing, and broadcasting, to unified communications, rental/staging, and podcasts and webcasts.

Revolabs utilises the powerful superior audio technologies and systems from Yamaha, giving birth to powerful audio products and solutions, including the following:

Single Channel Wireless Microphone Systems ● High Definition (HD) Four (4) & Eight (8) Channel Wireless ● Wearable Wireless ● Directional & Omnidirectional Tabletop Wireless ● Rack-mount Wireless ● Single/Dual Channel Wireless

Revolabs is an expert in the industry and field, help companies be more responsive and adaptable in the fast-changing market. It helps companies and organisations to empower their conferencing needs, with products and solutions installed in home offices, small huddle spaces, and large conference rooms.

About TelephonesOnline

A telecommunications company with over two (2) decades of experience in the market, Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is an Australia-owned and –operated expert that offers wide selection of brand new and refurbished phone devices, systems, and solutions. More than just offers in several solutions, the company also offers the following telecom brands in refurbished condition, a product portfolio considered the largest pre-owned and second-hand portfolio in the market:

Ericsson ● Samsung ● Cisco ● NEC ● Panasonic ● Coral Tadiran Telecom ● LG Aria ● Avaya ● Nortel Networks ● Commander ● Hybrex ● Fujitsu ● Alcatel

Telephonesonline is able to cater to customers of all type, from individuals, SoHos, and SMEs in search for cost-effective products and solutions to private organisations, government sectors, and large corporations looking for the latest and more advanced telecom technologies and systems.

Telephonesonline operates in the Australian market through its secured and encrypted online store located at Telephonesonline.com.au, for customers who want to purchase from the nooks of their offices and homes.

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