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Avaya 9621G IP Phone (700480601)

Avaya 9621G IP Phone (700480601)
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Avaya 9621G IP Phone (700480601)

The Avaya 9621G IP Telephone (Part number: 700480601) is a multi-line desk phone, incorporated with Avaya Aura to ensure that the telephone can accommodate changing business needs (delivers more advanced features while still keeping a traditional look and feel) and to provides everyday telephone users with a large range of features (with advanced features such as directory and speed dial to enhance the user's efficiency) and communications capabilities (preferably suited for Essential users who spend considerable amounts of time on the phone).

*Compatibility with H.323 version supported by Avaya Communication Manager 3.1.4 or later, SIP version supported by Avaya Communication Manager 6.0 with Avaya Aura Session Manager 6.0 or Avaya Midsize Business Template 5.2.1, and also compatible with IP Office 6.1 or higher only on IP500 or IP500 V2 control units (Bluetooth and DECT headset support with optional adapter)

*Avaya 9621G can be powered via 802.3af PoE (Class 1) or local PoE injector

The Avaya 9621G IP Telephone has a graphical colour display (360-degree visual alert for incoming calls and voice mail - specially-designed version of the unique Avaya Flare) / large touch screen - a 4.3" touch screen interface to allow the user to choose options from the on screen menus or 4 position adjustable tilt display instead of having to use hard keys, supports high definition audio to ensure that all conversations made sound as natural as possible (an option to go hands-free which it has a full-duplex speakerphone and an option to use a compatible headset) and integrated Gigabit interface - Gigabit Ethernet (1000MBps) port for high speed network connections and a secondary Ethernet port or built-in two port Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps) switch for connection to LAN and collocated PC.

*If need more programmable keys then Avaya 9621G IP Telephone allows up to three 12 or 24 button expansion modules to be attached at one time.


Note: Part of the 9600 Series IP Deskphones, the Avaya 9621G leverages user’s enterprise IP Network to deliver sophisticated voice communications from headquarters, remote locations or home offices. An evolutionary approach to optimize communications through a flexible architecture that leverages existing investments and accommodates changing business needs (Integrated with Aura and IP Office - offer power users with urbane capabilities that cost effectively enrich communications and enhance productivity).

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Features of the Avaya 9621G IP Phone Users Can Enjoy

The Avaya 9621G IP Phone – Gigabit Interface features include the following:

  • 3.7 x 2.1 inch Colour Touchscreen Display
  • 4 Position Adjustable Tilt Display
  • Wideband Audio
  • Wideband Speakerphone
  • Dual Message Waiting Indicators
  • 360-degree Visual Alert for Incoming Calls and Voicemail
  • Bluetooth and DECT Headset Support with Optional Adapter
  • Built-in Two Port Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps)
  • Built-in Headset Interface


Avaya 9621G IP Phone – Gigabit Interface have the following fixed features::

  • Speaker
  • Mute
  • Headset
  • Contacts
  • Home
  • History
  • Message
  • phone
  • Forwarding
  • Volume


About Avaya

Avaya is a global communications enterprise with wide range of product portfolio that has been proven for years to provide products and solutions that are very beneficial to its users and the businesses they cover. One of the most important focus of the company is on team engagement, making sure that employees, customers, and partners of businesses stay connected in order to continuously have stable operations. Avaya’s Team Engagement Solutions are known to seamlessly and quickly bring the right people together when necessary, in order to have efficient business results. The solutions save time and resources for the businesses since they are able to gather people more efficiently than the usual processes used by people.

Besides their top-notch services, Avaya is also very accessible and reachable with its 28 support centres located all over the world. The company even has the market reach of 42 countries, making the company truly a global one.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is an expert in creating packages comprised of high quality communication products, solutions, and services that will be ideal and specific in the needs and requirements of customers. This package customisation service is provided by the company in order to more than just provide high quality products, but to show its customers that the company cares and that it can cater to its customers’ specific needs.

Telephonesonline has been in the industry for more than 2 decades. With these years of experience, it is very knowledgeable on the subject matter and what both the industry and the market demand. It is also the main weapon that the company uses in order to products its customers with the ideal communication package for them. Understanding the industry, market, and customers are pre-requirements in helping customers and giving suggestions on what will be perfect for them.

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