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Avaya 1603 IP Display Phone (700445968)

Avaya 1603 IP Display Phone (700445968)
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Avaya 1603 IP Display Phone (700445968)

Part of the Avaya one-X Deskphone Value Edition, the Avaya 1603 IP Telephone is a cost effective IP ready welcome phone for the modern 'Walkup' business user, and ideal for busy receptions, lobbies, annexes and public areas of your office. Avaya one-X™ Deskphone Edition models include many advanced features typically found only in higher end, more expensive, enterprise class telephones.

The features of the Avaya 1603 IP include 3 lamp lit line keys, a bright, backlit display with support for single call appearances, full duplex communication, dual lamp LEDs, a context sensitive user interface with soft keys, and conference fixed feature keys including Conference, Transfer, Drop, Hold and Mute. All in all the 1603 IP, and other 1600 series one-X™ telephones, represent exceptional value for investors in VOIP ready office telephony.

This telephone can be used in conjunction with the Avaya IP Softphone

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Avaya 1603 IP Display Phone Features to Explore

The following are the features of the Avaya 1603 IP Display Phone that users can explore and makes that most of:

  • Ideal for lobbies, annexes and public spaces
  • Avaya one-X™ system entry phone
  • High resolution 3.33 inch diagonal, backlit display
  • Single call appearance for walkup users
  • Built-in web browser
  • System linked advanced information applications
  • Directory, Information, News and Events browsing
  • Superior audio quality
  • VOIP communication platform
  • Avaya Communication Manager platform - Multivantage Express (MVE)
  • Built on open standards with modular upgrades
  • Extended visual customisation options


About Avaya

The leading company which takes the front seat in the innovation and development of business products and solutions focusing on communications and collaboration, as well as team management, Avaya is one of the global providers that have dominated the world and several industries. It provides services to businesses of all sizes, offering the following:

  • Unified Communications
  • Real-time Video Collaboration
  • Contact Centre
  • Networking


Aiming to bring people together and keep them connected to each other, Avaya manufactures products and solutions that can benefit its customers in a lot of ways. From improving the productivity of businesses to decreasing operational costs and increasing sales and ROIs, the company can change businesses and reroute them towards success. Another one of the company’s goals is to provide customers with the best collaboration experience they can have, without any consideration for the media, devices, and locations. This is then expected to provide people with outstanding convenience.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest online store. The company is capable of catering to all types and sizes of businesses in a lot of industries. It is made possible with its wide range product portfolio comprised of competitively priced communications products, solutions and services.

Telephonesonline understands that customers have their respective needs and preferences. Each customer has his own current situation that he needs to consider in the purchase. And the large product portfolio of the company can encompass all the needs and preferences that customers may have. Small businesses are in need of a cost-effective and more affordable communication phone and systems, on the other hand, large corporations are in need of advanced and high-tech communication phone and system that could efficiently work on their complicated and complex organizations structure.

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