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Avaya 1416 Digital Phone (700469869)

Avaya 1416 Digital Phone (700469869)
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Avaya 1416 Digital Phone (700469869)

The Avaya 1416 Digital Telephone (Part number: 700469869) is best for everyday / busy users who answer incoming calls (Receptionists), transfer customers to different departments or extensions (Assis¬tants), or even monitor several line appearances throughout the day (Managers).

*Avaya 1416 Digital Telephone has an adjustable 4-line display and the option for the Button Module as the most comfortable choice for an “Essential” or “Navigator” user profile.

Avaya 1416 Digital Telephone offers the most important functions via hardkey, three (3) contextual softkeys and a headset jack, plus, it also provides 16 administrable buttons with LED signalling (number of buttons can be expanded by 32 with each Button Module). The phones are developed for users with the need to see many extensions at a glance and dial with one fingertip (as for Navigator user, pro¬vides mainly 1-touch line / speed-dial buttons without the need to scroll through on-screen lists - white backlight of the display allows a very easy readability of the call information even when the surrounding is not really bright).

*compatible with Avaya Aura Communication Manager 5.2.1 or later and IP Office Release 6.0 or later

*Avaya 1416 Digital Telephone is always proprietary and must be used on the Avaya IP Office phone system (not for use in an IP Office phone in place of user’s home phone).

*1400 Deskphones is one of giving great interest to users / customers with regional offices, branches, teams with intensive call handling, secretaries or receptionists in the hotel. The most important features are support for hands-free (speakerphone) and easy usable via fixed buttons situated around the dial pad (with 16 “+32”administrable buttons, each with a red and a green LED and paper labels) designed for users with the need to see many extensions at a glance and dial with one fingertip.

Note: This Avaya 1416 Digital Telephone is NOT regular telephones (requires an IP Office phone system to operate).

Pick up your phone and dial the Australia wide 1300 088 088 NOW!

Avaya 1416 Digital Phone Incredible Features

  • Headset Interface
  • Wall Mountable
  • 2-way Speakerphone
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Dual Position Flip Stand
  • Backlit Display (3.5” Diagonal, 4 Rows by 24 Characters with Adjustable Display Angle)
  • Ergonomic Hearing Aid Compatible Handset (Supporting TTD Acoustic Coupler)
  • 16 Line Appearance/Feature Key Buttons (with Dual LEDs including Red and Green)


Avaya 1416 Digital Phone Buttons You Could Explore

  • 3 Contextual Softkey Buttons
  • 4-way Navigation Cluster Button
  • Avaya Menu Button (Options and Settings Access)
  • Call Log Button
  • Conference Button
  • Contacts Button
  • Drop Button
  • Headset Button
  • Hold Button
  • Message Button
  • Mute Button
  • Redial Button
  • Speaker Button
  • Transfer Button
  • Telephony Application Button (to return to main telephone screen)
  • Volume Button (separate volume levels in the handset, headset, speaker, and ringer)


About Avaya

A globally-recognized leader and innovator of communication solutions made for team management and customer service, Avaya is famous for powering a lot of companies and industries all over the world. And the greatest weapon that the company has over its competitors is its advanced technology. And the number of years that the company has existed in the industry has helped a lot in establishing the company’s product portfolio, considering the fact that the company has enough knowledge about market demands and trends.

Avaya is well-known for products under the categories collaboration and communications, contact centre services, networking, and customer experience management. These products are excellent for businesses of all sizes from small businesses to large enterprises. Even government organizations and sectors use Avaya products in their operations.

One famous product from the company is Avaya Engagement Solutions. This enables users to improve the engagement among customers, employees, partners, and the management, improving business operations and critical-making decisions


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