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Aristel NEOS4WMB Wall Mount Bracket (For NEOS4000)

Aristel NEOS4WMB Wall Mount Bracket (For NEOS4000)
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Aristel NEOS4WMB Wall Mount Bracket (For NEOS4000)

Aristel NEOS4WMB Wall Mount Bracket (For NEOS4000) is an accessory used in order to support the Aristel NEOS4000 when it is installed and mounted on the respective walls. Sold as a pair, this specific package comes with the following contents:

  • Aristel NEOS4WMB Wall Mount Bracket (Pair)
  • User Guide

More Product Information

  • Brand: Aristel
  • Product Type: Wall Mount Bracket
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: Aristel NEOS400
  • Note: Sold as a pair

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Basic Features of Aristel NEOS4000 Fixed Cellular Terminal

  • Up to 4 SIM Cards for Installation
  • Highly Compatible with All Carriers
  • Provides Simple Solution for Cost-cutting: Mobile Call Costs & Fixed Line Rental Charges
  • Company’s Intra-fleet Mobile Free Calls
  • Used as Counter Phone to Call Staff, After Hours Attendance, and Taxis
  • Seamlessly Diver Calls
  • Compatible with Most Handsets & Cordless Phones
  • Least Cost Routing Technology
  • Call Timer
  • Line Reversal

About Aristel

Aristel, founded in 1993, is an incredible diversified telecommunications enterprise that operates in the global market through its major headquarters located in Notting Hill, Victoria. With only around 11 to 50 employed experts working under the management, the company confidently cater to the global market with its comprehensive ranging product portfolio.

Aristel has always followed its philosophy since it started and this philosophy hinges on the goal to help the world and industry of communications to be more effective and improve nonstop. The company has delivered some of the best and superior communication products and solutions in the market, showcasing top-notch clarity, amazing functionality, user-friendliness like no other.

Aristel can never be what it currently is without the help of more than 400 company partners and dealers worldwide, located in 40 countries that include Australia. Some of the best features offered by the company’s products and solutions include:

Voicemail ● Paging ● Fax-link ● Pre Pickup ID Screening ● Hands-free Operation ● Conference Call ● Call Light Indicators

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One of the best suppliers and wholesalers of telecommunications products, solutions, and systems in the Australian market, Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is considered an expert in delivering customers with the best and most ideal offers they could ever have. With more than two decades of experience in the market, it has been the epitome of package customisation and tailoring. All of the years in operation were spent on studying and learning more about market trends and industry innovation and developments.

Telephonesonline is also an Australia-owned and –operated enterprise. This means that the company is incredibly familiar with the Australian market and the customer demands that dominate the market. It knows how to excellently cater to customers’ requirements and preferences like the back of its hand.

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