Aristel Door Station Latch (Power On to Release)

Aristel Door Station Latch (Power On to Release)
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Aristel Door Station Latch (Power On to Release)

This Aristel Door Station Latch (Power On to Release) is a device that is suitable for Aristel AN1206A, SS SLTDS, AN WDS, AN DS, AN1104E, and AN1204. In order to function, this needs a power adaptor and would work as it powers on to release.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Aristel
  • Product Type: Door Station Latch
  • Colour: Silver/Grey
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: Aristel AN1204
    Aristel AN1104E
    Aristel AN DS
    Aristel AN WDS
    Aristel SS SLTDS
    Aristel AN1206A
  • Requirement: Power Adapter

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14 Great Features of Aristel AN WDS Wireless DECT Door Intercom

  1. Suitable for Several Aristel Products: AN105, AN208, & DC209
  2. High Quality Stainless Steel Finish
  3. Flush Mount with Optional Surface Mount Case Available
  4. Single Push Button Operation with Clear Hands-free 2-way Speech
  5. Door Bell Function (Rings to Extension #1)
  6. One Power Adapter: For Door Phone & Door Release Solenoids
  7. Inputs for Exit & Entry Buttons
  8. GAP-compatible with Other DECT Systems
  9. Weather-proof Capability
  10. Optional “Open Door Latch” Function
  11. Door Phone Can Be Called from Any Extension
  12. Silent Monitoring Feature
  13. Power Source of 9 to 12 Volt DC
  14. Dimension of Face Plate: 170 x 100 mm (WxH)

About Aristel

Aristel, currently headquartered in Notting Hill, Victoria, is a diversified telecommunications enterprise that was founded in 1993. With only approximately 11 to 50 employees, this public company is able to concentrate on its goal to the very core, which is the improvement of the world of communications. This goal is continuously pursed by the company through the development and innovation of high quality phone handsets, solutions, and systems that can serve as the catalysts of this industry’s improvement.

Aristel does not only think of the quality of the innovations they produce but also the ease of use and functionality that comes with every product and solutions. And with more than 400 dealers that have partnered with the company in order to cater to over 40 countries all around the world, the company has become a story of success for small enterprises shooting for the similar success of operation that the company offers.

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