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ABTC Leader HP2 Two Line, Data port 15 service buttons Grey

ABTC Leader HP2 Two Line, Data port 15 service buttons Grey
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ABTC Leader HP2- Grey
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AUD$ 164.00
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ABTC Leader HP2 Two Line, Data Port 15 Service Buttons Grey

The hospitality industry is one of the largest and most successful one in the market but businesses have to stay on top of their leagues in order to be considered as one of the best in the industry. This is where communication will come very handy and effective in business’ operations. And in this specific industry, the Leader HP2 is a two-line telephone that is designed to specifically address its demands and needs.

This package includes:

  • ABTC Leader HP2 (Two-line) (Grey)
  • Data Port
  • 15 Service Buttons

The Leader HP2 phone is a flexible one that could be combined and integrated with applications or could function alone. Despite its flexible nature, it is very easy and simple to use since it was also designed bearing in mind the convenience it could provide its users.

Phone Features of the ABTC Leader HP2

The Leader HP2 phone can be integrated with other systems or could work alone. Either way though, there are excellent features in the communication tool that could accommodate programs and functions. Its features include:

  • Hospitality 2-line Phone
  • Custom Faceplate Available
  • Hands-free Speakerphone Feature
  • 15 Memory/Service Keys (Can be Changed to Any Requirement to Suit Customer Needs)
  • Data Port (Allows a Fax or Modem to Still be Connected to the Phone Line)
  • Integrated Message Wait Lamp or MWL Option
  • Volume Control
  • Hold Button
  • Conference Button
  • Mute Button

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