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Small Business Telephone System

Small Business Telephone System

Our small business Telephone Systems provide businesses with enterprise features at a small business cost. Our solution is built around the powerful, flexible and energy efficient IP-PBX Telephone System, complimented with Business IP-Phones for a complete small business Telephone System. The package is available to install yourself or we can provide a full Telephone System installation and Telephone System support service & maintenance.

Small Business Telephone System

Voice over IP / VOIP / Calls via Internet

  • Integrate your existing data network and Telephone System to maximise the investment you’ve already made in your network.
  • Free office to office calling.
  • Use low-cost and flexible VOIP providers as phone lines and/or existing phone lines.
  • Eliminate separate phone wiring.
  • Click 2 Call from Microsoft Outlook allows you to reach your contacts with just 1 click.
  • Increase mobility for tele-workers by simplifying work from home with a remote extension or forwarding calls to mobile or any other line.
  • Provide 24 Hour service by staying connected with Find me, Follow Me.
  • Compatible with any VoIP (SIP) phone.


We offer a range of Small Business Telephone System systems:

 Small Business Telephone Systems from brands such as: (Click on the Brand Links Below)

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Unified Comunication for Small Business Telephone System

Unify voice mail messages and faxes by sending them to your email inbox. Never have to call into the Small Business Telephone System again to retrieve voicemail messages. Save time by having all messages in 1 inbox eliminating the need to check for each one separately.small business telephone systems

Conference Rooms

Convey a more professional image with voice conference rooms where you and other callers can join on a conference call. The system is secure (pin codes), professional (plays music to members on hold) and powerful (record the conference call).

Call Recording

Record all conversations or record calls on demand

Time of Day Service

Control the Telephone System’s response of the Telephone System based on the time or date. Once the rules are provided, the Telephone System responds accordingly during and after hours. For example, the out-of-office message can play all day on December 25th.


Assist callers in reaching the correct person and/or department. This features permits callers to dial-by-extension or dial-by-name. It also includes custom messages and music-on-hold, voice message forwarding and message appending. Music can also be sorted into various folders. Separate auto-attendant feature sets can be used for different extensions. The voicemail structure supports directories by department, employee, extension, etc, offering flexibility and allowing smaller companies to benefit from the same professional image as larger companies.

PSTN Connectivity

Each model with the range offers connectivity to either Analogue, ISDN2 or ISDN30 telephone lines if these are still required within the business.

Find Me – Follow Me

A seamless service when you are away from your desk. The caller is placed on hold while the system tries to reach you at the alternate location(s) provided. Once the system finds you, the call is transferred transparently to that unidentified external number. Specifically, you can provide instructions on where to be reached based on the time of call, caller ID and type of call. The system will search in sequence through the numbers provided so you never misses a call. With this feature, important calls are never missed and you no longer need to provide private phone numbers. Once the system finds you, the call will be transferred transparently to that unidentified external number.

These are a small selection of the features available on our Small Business Telephone System.

Business Reasons to Move to VoIP Small Business Telephone System.

  • No moving parts and silent in operation, therefore the Positron systems have a long life expectancy and no maintenance schedules.
  • Free software updates and no annual charges
  • No software limitation on the number of users and no charges for additional users
  • Extremely power efficient when compared to PC’s and Server based solutions
  • Office to Office calls are free
  • Home workers can seamlessly connect to the company PBX over an internet connection;

Small Business Telephone System is available as a standalone appliance, rack mounted appliance or PCI embedded telephony blade.


We offer a range of Business Telephone Systems to suit many comany sizes.

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