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Small Business Phone System

Small Business Phone System

Even a very simple small business phone system can achieve wonders for the efficiency levels of your company. It can also enhance the customer service image and outsiders’ perception of how efficiently your business is managed.


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Small Business Phone System

Basic Features

The standard functions of most small phone systems now include voice mail, this minimises the loss of potential business when no one can take the call. Other basic features to check for include: conference call functions – an efficient tool that allows meetings between more than two staff members despite being miles apart.

If your small business phone system is likely to be heavily used in the customer relations department, particularly as the company expands; it is a good idea to get a call logging function which will allow you to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls. This function will mean your system is only used appropriately, and that the right amount of man-power and technology is allocated to each area of the business. A related feature is call barring - useful if you need to prevent members of staff from making unnecessary premium rate phone calls.

small business phone systems When you set up a small business phone system, determine the following things in order to get one that best suits your needs:

  • Line and extension requirements – based on the number of simultaneous outside and internal calls you expect to make. With a small business this is unlikely to be very high in the early stages.
  • Direct extension requirements – This may need to be installed separately for the older analogue systems. However digital phone systems and VOIP phone systems are becoming the norm.
  • Handset requirements – A choice between traditional, cordless for convenience, hands-free for simultaneous computer use or inbuilt microphones/speakers for conference calls.
  • Telephone number – One of the benefits of small business phone systems is that they still allow for national-type phone numbers to be attached (eg 0345). This means you can create a national image for your business, despite only operating locally.

After the initial advice and installation of your small business phone system, there are a number of other services you might require from your chosen provider. These include maintenance, staff training, expansion, after-sales support. You are likely to need some if not all of these so check how easily/cheaply your business will receive them.


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How to Choose the Right Business Phone System