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Siemens OptiPoint Recorder Adaptor

Siemens OptiPoint Recorder Adaptor
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Siemens OptiPoint Recorder Adaptor (S30817-K7110-N408)

Siemens OptiPoint Recorded Adaptor is a communication accessory and tool that can be connected to either a an external recorder or a second extra handset that could improve the entire communication connection’s efficiency.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Siemens
  • Product Type: Recorder Adaptor
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Compatibility: Siemens OptiPoint 410/420 Standard S SIP Phones
    Siemens OptiPoint 410/420 Advance S SIP Phones
    Siemens OptiPoint 410/420 Standard CorNet IP Phones
    Siemens OptiPoint 410/420 Advance CorNet IP Phones
  • Note: Centralised recording solution support available

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Siemens OptiPoint Recorder Adaptor Connection and Usability

  • Active Loudspeaker
  • Desk Microphone Connected through a Y Cable
  • Corded Headset Connection
  • Cordless Headset Supporting Following Mobile Unit Functions:
    • Call Acceptance
    • End Call

About Siemens

Established by Werner von Siemens in October 12, 1847, Siemens is a German powerhouse that has several specialisations, including Building Technologies, Digital Factory, Energy Management, Power Generation Services, Process Industries and Drives, Healthcare, and Wind Power. It has its major headquarters located in Berlin and Munich, Germany. Supported by approximately 372,000 employees, Siemens is headed by Joe Kaeser as its President and CEO since 2013 and Gerhard Cromme as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Siemens offers the following products and services under different divisions:

Power Generation Technology ● PLM Software ● Industrial and Buildings Automation ● Fire Alarms ● Medical Technology ● Water Treatment Systems ● Railway Vehicles ● Business Services ● Project engineering and Construction ● Financing

Siemens is great at operating in the global market, improving and making sure of the company’s growth through the digitalisation of its operations, as well as the development of incredible technologies that made a mark of its own in the market.

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Get to know this product better by talking to our company representatives at Australia wide 1300 088 088!
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