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Uniden FP 1100 Slim Line Corded Phone, hotel analogue desk phone works even under power failure conditions

Uniden FP 1100 Slim Line Corded Phone, hotel analogue desk phone works even under power failure conditions
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Uniden FP 1100 Slim Line Corded Phone, Hotel Analogue Desk Phone works even under power failure conditions

The Uniden FP 1100 phone is the ideal analogue desk phone that offers the convenience that a corded phone offers. This is perfect for enterprises and businesses under the hotel and hospitality industry, mainly because it can operate even under power failure conditions, making sure that guests can be well accommodated even in terms of emergency.

Engineered and designed by Uniden, which ensures its superior sound quality, Uniden FP 1100 Slimline phone is aesthetically pleasing to look at, more than just easy to use with all the basic phone features.


More Details on this Product


  • Model:
FP 1100
  • Manufacturer:
Uniden Corporation
  • Phone Type:
Slimline Corded Phone
  • Colour:



Basic Features of the Uniden FP 1100 Slimline Phone
  • Hi-Lo Ringer
  • 3 Volume Level Settings
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Wall/Desk Mountable
  • Last Number Redial
  • Operational Under Power Failure Conditions


About Uniden

A Japanese wireless communication company that started in 1966, Uniden Corporation has its headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. It is created and lead by CEO Hideo Fujimoto ever since the company has been established, and throughout the years have expanded excellently. The proof of this is the existence of several offices and branches located in different countries all over the world, widening the company’s markets and distribution channels. Some of these offices are located in Asia, America, Europe, and South Pacific Regions.

Uniden is capable of producing more than 2 million wireless products monthly. One of the factors that made this possible is the company’s manufacturing process of cordless phones that averages 3.2 seconds per item. And despite the efficiency of the production, users can be ensured that they have zero defects. Besides the cordless phones, Uniden also offers the following products:


Channel Ready UHF CB Radios ● GPS Car Navigation ● Bluetooth Carkits● Digital Wireless Surveillance ● Scanning Receivers


About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline is an excellent supplier of business communications products and solutions in Australia. The company has been operating for over 20 years now and has provided individuals and enterprises alike with their specific communication needs. And since it has operated for years, the company was able to garner the necessary information in order to be an expert in the field and market, as well as in order to efficiently deliver all over the country.

Telephonesonline is proud of the top-notch quality and competitive pricing that the company offers. It follows its “No Compromise on Quality” policy, making sure that customers only have the best products, be it brand new or refurbished. And the competitive prices comes from Telephonesonline’s extensive and wide-ranging product portfolio. Since the portfolio is composed of both brand new and refurbished items, the company can cater to all types of customers by offering all types of communication products, solutions, and systems.

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