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Siemens OpenStage (Black) 12-button Key Module

Siemens OpenStage (Black) 12-button Key Module
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OpenStage DSS (Black)
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Siemens OpenStage (Black) 12-button Key Module

Siemens OpenStage 12-button Key Module is an additional communication device that can be can be connected to specific Siemens phone models in order to improve productivity and be able to provide access to most important features with a press of a button.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Siemens
  • Product Type: Add-on Key Module
  • Colour: Lava (Black)
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Compatibility: Siemens OpenStage 40, 60, & 80 Phones
  • Note: Also available in Ice Blue

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Basic Features of Siemens OpenStage 12-button Key Module

  1. 12 Additional Programmable Keys
  2. Multiple-layered LEDs, Speed Dial, Line Keys, or Function Keys
  3. Large Graphical Display
  4. Automatic Key Labelling Feature
  5. Available in Two Colours: Ice Blue and Lava
  6. OpenStage 40/60 Compatibility
  7. Maximum Key Modules Per Phone: 2

About Siemens

With headquarters located in Munich and Berlin, Siemens operates as an international powerhouse that is popular in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. With the support of approximately 351,000 employees, the company excellently structures and design complex projects and systems that could specifically cater to the requirements and preferences of individual customers.

Siemens plays a relevant role in the evolution of technology not only in Germany and Europe but all over the world. Despite the fast-paced changes and evolution, this German conglomerate was able to adapt to these adjustments and be able to operate for more than 170 years now since its establishment in the year 1847. The company started with 10 men working for the company and is now a successful giant leading innovation and development of technology.

Siemens was created by Werner von Siemens and led with his very own design of a pointer telegraph. The company evolved and developed from there.

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