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Siemens HDCF Card

Siemens HDCF Card
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Siemens HDCF Card

Siemens HDCF Card is integrated together with Siemens HiPath 3700 Solution in order to deliver more functions and capabilities. With the collaboration of both products, users are able to maximize the productivity of employees and at the same time improve customer service. Combining the benefits of business over IP and telephony, this powerful solution helps enterprises to have faster return on investment and increase their added value.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Siemens
  • Product Type: HDCF Card
  • Colour: N/A
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Compatibility: Siemens HiPath 3700

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Basic Information about Siemens HiPath 3700

  • Dimension: 490 x 410 x 390 mm (H x W x D)
  • Maximum Capacity: 384 Analogue and Digital
  • Maximum Extensions: 250 Cordless Extensions
  • Maximum Base Stations: 64 (Max 4 x SLC 6)
  • Maximum Cards: 3 HG1500 Cards
  • Maximum Channels: 120 B-channels
  • Maximum Mounting Slots for Peripheral Cards: 7 for Basic Box and 8 for Expansion Box
  • Maximum Slots for Peripheral Modules: 23 for 3 Boxes, 15 for 2 Boxes, 7 for Basic Box
  • Maximum Boxes: 3 Boxes per System
  • Line Types: S0, MSI, S2M, and E&M
  • Optional: Remote Maintenance via IMPDC
  • 2 v.24 Interface
  • Admin via TCP/IP
  • APS Transfer
  • Analogue and Digital Voicemail Interface
  • APS Transfer
  • CorNet N/Qsig/E&M Networking
  • CSTA Interface
  • CTI TAPI Interface
  • HiPath Xpressions Voicemail
  • IP Networking
  • LAN Interface Module
  • Least Cost Routing
  • PC Attendant Console
  • Plug-in MPPI Module

About Siemens

Siemens was founded on October 12, 1847 by the inventor Werner von Siemens. Trying to improve upon the usual electric telegraph, Siemens created a design for pointer telegraph, which is how the company started. Today, it takes pride its ability to cater to the global market with the help of around 372,000 employed experts and its main headquarters located in Munich and Berlin, Germany.

Headed by President and CEO Joe Kaeser and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Gerhard Cromme, Siemens has become a powerful conglomerate involved in several industries through the following divisions:

Building Technologies ● Digital Factory ● Energy Management ● Healthineers ● Mobility ● Process Industries and Drives ● Power and Gas ● Power Generation Services ● Wind Power and Renewables

Through these divisions, Siemens is able to offers products like medical diagnostic technologies and equipment, fire alarms, industrial and buildings automation, PLM software, power generation technology, and water treatment systems.

About TelephonesOnline

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You can talk to our experts to learn more about this offer. Call our Australia wide 1300 088 088 hotline today!
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