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Refurbished Commander Connect Telephone Handset

The Commander Connect Telephone Handset is a convenient device integrated with all the communication tools that people need for their user-friendly and stylish system. The device offers users with a simple phone with a range of call handling options. These options are usually composed with features that will help users manage both internal and external calls.

The Commander Phone has a modular design, which means that the device is adaptable and flexible, considering the fact that it could be snap in when used. It is also the best device to start with when building a communication system and environment for small businesses.

The Commander Connect system can accommodate 4 lines and 8 handsets, and can grow into a full system down the track.

Condition: Used/Refurbished
Warranty: 12 Months


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Refurbished Phones: Get to Know What You Are Purchasing

Some people may be hesitant and doubtful when purchasing refurbished phones mainly because they are not brand new and may have been used by other people. But there are actually several benefits that you can get when you choose refurbished phones rather than brand new ones. One thing you should expect though is the possibility of minor cosmetic flaws in the phone’s exterior design. The benefits that it provides include the following:

  • Refurbished phones can be owned for less than if these phones are offered brand new.
  • Refurbished phones will provide users with faster technology, more features, and so more value for money.
  • Refurbished phones also have warranty offers that are just the same with brand new ones.


About Commander

Commander, since it was established more than 3 decades ago, has always aimed to provide the market with high quality and predictable communication products and services. The company was under the name Plestel Pty Ltd before it was names as Commander Australia Limited in October 2000. It was named as such because the creation of the company was a collaboration between two companies, including the Telstra Corporation and Plessey. Before it was formally known as Commander though, all of the products from the company have already been named and sold under the banner Commander Systems. Along with the company’s core products, solutions, and services, there are also products that are developed by other company but are also sold under the same banner. These are some of the products and solutions from 3Com, Siemens, and Nortel Networks. Even at the present, the company is continuously expanding and developing its product portfolio to meet its goal.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline is Australia’s largest ever online store. The store is under the Telephonesonline Pty Ltd and operates mostly online. All products, solutions, and services of the company can be seen online. Customers can simply visit the company’s site and choose the products and services they want to make use of and check them out. The company then will deliver the said products and services on the day agreed upon. The deliveries are prompt and efficient made sure by their offices all over the country.

Telephonesonline caters to all types of businesses with their large portfolio. Small businesses can take advantage of the company’s refurbished products and solutions while large corporations can choose brand new and complicated phone systems. Included as their products are the following brands:

  • Avaya
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Aristel
  • Cisco
  • Commander
  • Ericsson
  • Exicom
  • Fujitsu
  • Gigaset
  • GN Netcom
  • LG Aria
  • NEC
  • Nortel
  • Omni
  • Plantronics
  • Panasonic
  • Polycom
  • Samsung
  • Siemens


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