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LG Aria Select LKD 8DS Digital Phone (Black)

LG Aria Select LKD 8DS Digital Phone (Black)
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LG Aria Select LKD 8DS Digital Phone (Black)

The LG Aria Select LKD 8DS Digital Phone is an efficient communication device that support users whose job description involves call handling and management. This specific phone is the standard model in the LG Aria digital phone series. It is the previous version of the LG Ericsson LDP-7008 phone.

LG Aria Select LKD 8DS Digital Phone is a mid-range device that offers flexibility and convenience for users. This fully hands-free device that supports advance functionalities like conference calling applications, as well as basic phone features like 10-number redial and call transferring.

This LG Aria Select LKD 8DS Digital Phone allows users to record messages and even monitor members using the phone lines. Easy to use, it has readable LCD display and buttons.

More Product Information

  • Brand: LG
  • Product Type: Digital Phone
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Compatibility: LG Aria LDP Phone System

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10 Excellent Features of LG Aria Select LKD 8DS Digital Phone

  1. 8 Programmable Keys (Use as Direct Station Select)
  2. 10 Number Speed Dial Directory, Onboard
  3. Adjustable LCD Display (2 Lines of Information)
  4. Call Transferring
  5. Compatible with Most Headsets
  6. Flash button
  7. Fully-featured Hands-free Technology with Speakerphone
  8. Line Status Monitoring
  9. Message Waiting Lamp
  10. Volume Control

About LG Ericsson

LG Ericsson, South Korean and Swedish enterprises collaboration, is popular for introducing products and solutions that are integrated with affordable technologies. These offers are structured with high quality and advanced features for users to take advantage of, including ACD, CTI or Computer Technology Integration, DECT Wireless Mobility, IVR or Interactive Voice Response, LCR or Least Cost Routing, One-touch Transfer, and Paging Capability.

LG Ericsson is well known for providing the most compatible products and solutions capable of catering to high volume of calls for small sized enterprises and institutions. In fact, the company uses universal port architecture in its offers, making the users more flexible at work and can move around the professional set-up while at the same time connected to the office system to be on standby for important calls. This architecture is supported by plug-in and VoIP modules.

LG Ericsson supports SoHos and SMEs by offering convenient to use and cost-effective products and solutions.

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