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EnGenius SN901 DuraFon Kit (SN902HC with SN901 Base) Industrial Long Range Cordless Phone System (SN901)

EnGenius SN901 DuraFon Kit (SN902HC with SN901 Base) Industrial Long Range Cordless Phone System (SN901)
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EnGenius SN901 DuraFon Kit (SN902HC with SN901 Base) Industrial Long Range Cordless Phone System (SN901)

The EnGenius SN901 DuraFon Kit (SN902HC with SN901 Base) Industrial Long Range Cordless Phone System (SN901) is a SN901 Kit comprises of SN901 BASE + SN902HC DuraFon Industrial Handset. The EnGenius DuraFon SN901 Cordless Phone is expandable to 9 handsets on a maximum of 4 bases. It has the capacity of up to 10km range within line of sight. This is a very durable phone which includes handset speakerphone broadcast function and full duplex intercom. The SN901 will secure a private conversation. The EnGenius DuraFon SN902 uses two-way radio technology to cover the extra distance needed for farms, factories, motels, resorts, caravan parks, nurseries, hospitals even homes and offices. The SN902 can have up to 9 handsets on each base unit and can be expanded with extra base units. The handsets can also communicate with each other as 2-way radios. This is made up of double coated rubber case which ensures durability in any work environment. The SN901 is suitable for both home and business applications, including rural properties, warehouses, nurseries, hotels/motels, construction sites etc. It is very simple to install – all you need is phone line and a power point.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Engenius
  • Product Type: Cordless Phone System Kit
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: PSTN and PABX

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EnGenius SN901 DuraFon Kit (SN902HC with SN901 Base) Industrial Long Range Cordless Phone System (SN901)

EnGenius SN901 DuraFon Kit (SN902HC with SN901 Base) Industrial Long Range Cordless Phone System (SN901) Features

  • Part Number: SN901
  • SN901 kit comprises of SN901 base + SN902HC
  • Product Concept:1-Line, Digital Long Range Cordless, Cordless Handset with Speaker-phone
  • Market:Australia
  • Market Segment:Industrial Location
  • Frequency Band:915MHz ~ 928MHz
  • Flash time 100-900 m/secs programmable
  • Range: Up to 10Km line of sight
  • Frequency hopping SST
  • Durability
  • Compatible with SP922FH
  • 50 entry phonebook
  • 30 CID memory with Time/Date (FSK & DTMF type)
  • CID with call waiting (CIDCW)
  • Last 10 calls redial on handset
  • Find handset page feature
  • ACMA compliant

Advanced Features

  • Number of Expandable Handsets:9
  • Number of Expandable Bases:4
  • Single Color LCD (with white backlight)
  • Intercom/Broadcast between handsets
  • Selectable Ring & Page Tones:8
  • Handset with speaker-phone function
  • Handset with scrolling keys
  • Two-way hands-free intercom
  • Handset Custom Name Editable
  • LCD and handset with backlit keypad
  • Auto detection of FSK and DTMF CID signal
  • Broadcast Function
  • Full Duplex Intercom
  • Secure Private Conversation

EnGenius DuraFon SN902 Features

  • Long Range
  • 2-way radio broadcast
  • 6 hours talk-time
  • 50 hours stand-by time
  • 9 programmable PBX soft keys
  • Up to 9 handsets per base
  • Up to 4 bases and 36 handsets
  • 1-Line wireless PBX system
  • Range up to 5km
  • Rugged design for industrial
  • Multiple handsets & bases installation
  • Independent broadcast & intercom


  • 1 x SN901 Base Station
  • 1 x SN902 Handset
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Low Profile Handset Antenna
  • 1 x Optimal Performance Handset Antenna
  • 1 x Belt Clip

About Engenius

The EnGenius Technologies, Inc. is a US-based long-range wireless communication company that strives to help businesses in their communication needs to also improve their operations and in the process, their sales and investment. Since it was established in 1999, the company has expanded efficiently and provided a lot of businesses with the idea communication solutions for their operations. It has provided businesses with long range connectivity through indoor and outdoor wireless networking products. In addition to a stable system, high quality and durable portable handsets are also paired with the reliable telephone system. From Gigabit PoE switches to indoor and outdoor networking and connectivity products, the company offers it all.

EnGenius is an expert in mobility communication, enabling users and employees to stay connected despite the challenges brought by space, distance, and complex environments. In making sure that employees remain connected, businesses are able to track individual activities and, in the process, the entirety of the company’s operations and transactions.

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