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EnGenius DuraFon SN901Quad-10 Pack (SN901Quad-10)

EnGenius DuraFon SN901Quad-10 Pack (SN901Quad-10)
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EnGenius DuraFon SN901Quad-10 Pack (SN901Quad-10)

The EnGenius DuraFon SN901Quad-10 Pack (SN901Quad-10) is a SN901 package which includes 1 x One Line Base, 4 x Handsets, 4 x Chargers, 4 x Batteries, 4 x Belt Clips, 4 x Short Handset Antennas, 4 x Long Handset Antennas, 4 x Durapouches, AK10L External Antenna, and BONUS: DC UPS 2200.

SN901 is a digital long range cordless handset which offers essential and innovative features. It has a frequency band of 915MHz ~ 928MHz and a programmable flash time which is approximately 100-900 m/secs. The EnGenius DuraFon SN901 Cordless Phone is expandable to 9 handsets on a maximum of 4 bases. It has the capacity of up to 10km range within line of sight. This has 50 entries on phonebook. This is a very durable phone which includes handset speakerphone broadcast function and full duplex intercom. The SN901 will secure a private conversation. The SN901 is suitable for both home and business applications, including rural properties, warehouses, nurseries, hotels/motels, construction sites etc. It is very simple to install – all you need is phone line and a power point.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Engenius
  • Product Type: Package
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: SP922FH

More information available through Australia wide 1300 088 088 NOW.

EnGenius DuraFon SN901Quad-10 Pack (SN901Quad-10)

Features of the EnGenius DuraFon SN901Quad-10 Pack (SN901Quad-10) to Benefit From

  • Part Number: SN901Quad-10
  • SN901 package which includes 1 x One Line Base, 4 x Handsets, 4 x Chargers, 4 x Batteries, 4 x Belt Clips, 4 x Short Handset Antennas, 4 x Long Handset Antennas, 4 x Durapouches, AK10L External Antenna, and BONUS: DC UPS 2200.
  • Product Concept:1-Line, Digital Long Range Cordless
  • Cordless Handset with Speaker-phone
  • Frequency Band:915MHz ~ 928MHz
  • Flash time 100-900 m/secs programmable
  • Range: Up to 10Km line of sight
  • Frequency hopping SST
  • Durability
  • Compatible with SP922FH
  • 50 entry phonebook
  • 30 CID memory with Time/Date (FSK & DTMF type)
  • CID with call waiting (CIDCW)
  • Last 10 calls redial on handset
  • Find handset page feature
  • Expandable to 9 handsets
  • Expandable to 4 bases
  • Single Color LCD (with white backlight)
  • Intercom/Broadcast between handsets
  • 8 selectable ring and page tones
  • Speakerphone function and scrolling keys
  • Two-way hands-free intercom
  • Handset Custom Name Editable
  • LCD and handset with backlit keypad
  • Auto detection of FSK and DTMF CID signal
  • ACMA compliant


  • 1 x One Line Base
  • 4 x Handsets
  • 4 x Chargers
  • 4 x Batteries
  • 4 x Belt Clips
  • 4 x Short Handset Antennas
  • 4 x Long Handset Antennas
  • 4 x Durapouches
  • AK10L External Antenna
  • BONUS: DC UPS 2200

About Engenius

EnGenius Technologies, Inc. is a well-known telecommunication company that makes use of wireless communications and radio frequency or RF technologies. These two technologies are incorporated in their products in order to create a powerful communication tool that can help businesses improve their operations and aid employees in their daily transactions.

A front-runner in the wireless industry, EnGenius was established and founded in the year 1999. The goal of the company is to be able to provide a communication solution that can improve a company’s performance and versatility, resulting to better return of investment and productivity, and lower total cost of ownership.

EnGenius has a wide variety of services. Some of the products that it offers are:

  • Long Range Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Access Points or Bridges
  • Long Range Wireless Routers
  • Long Range Industrial Cordless Phones
  • Long Range and Business-oriented IP Cameras
  • Gigabit PoE Switches

The company is famous for providing smooth communication amidst multi-story buildings, and large and complex environments.

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