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Uniden NEW Batteries for Uniden Cordless Telephones BT-800 Suites XS915/916 & XSA 955/965

Uniden NEW Batteries for Uniden Cordless Telephones BT-800 Suites XS915/916 & XSA 955/965
  • Cordless Waterproof Telephone
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Uniden BT-800 Battery
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AUD$ 20.00
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Uniden NEW Batteries for Uniden Cordless Telephones BT-800 Suites XS915/916 & XSA 955/965

The Uniden Cordless Telephone BT-800 Battery provides several benefits for users. It lasts longer than the original battery and can be charges anytime you need or want to. In addition to that, it also has no memory effect which will even be an excellent replacement.

Having the maximum quality available grade, the battery is definitely new and fresh and could offer users with maximum run time and talk time to customers’ phones.


More Product Information


  • Manufacturer:
Uniden Corporation
  • Product Type:
Battery Replacement
  • Condition:
Brand New
  • Compatibility:
  XSA 955/965
  • Voltage:
3.6 Volts
  • Capacity:
  • Warranty:
1 Year

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About Uniden

Created in February 7, 1966 by Hideo Fujimoto, Uniden Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan where everything started for the company. Currently a wireless communication expert, its management policy is to always look forward to the future, taking into consideration what the future needs and not being limited to whatever is currently existing today, in terms of products and technology. The company’s extensive development and research efforts are concentrated in USA and Japan. This is how the company is able to innovate the best wireless technologies offered in the industry and the market.

Uniden’s engineering is the company’s ultimate key to success. With the rapid and intense changes in the market every now and then, catching up is a challenge. And Uniden is one of the companies capable to meet that challenge. In addition to the company’s innovation methods, production is also one of the priorities the company holds high. And their production operations is concentrated in Asia.

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