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BN Commander 1236 Display Telephone Handset

BN Commander 1236 Display Telephone Handset
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Commander BN 1236
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BN Commander 1236 Display Telephone Handset

Telephonesonline offers the Commander BN 1236 Telephone Handset is compatible to one of the most reliable systems offered in the industry and the market today. This includes the Commander BN Series systems capable of powering small to large businesses, offering excellent functionality to users.

The Commander BN 1236 Telephone Handset can be connected to a phone system that offers at most 12 Telstra or exchange lines into the system and at most 36 extensions or stations out of the system.


What You Need To Know about the Commander BN 1236 Telephone Handset
  • Manufacturer: Commander
  • Condition: Second-hand
  • Type of Phone: Display and On-hook
  • Compatibility: Commander BN 1236 Phone System


Dial the Australia wide 1300 088 088 and talk to our representative now.


50 Commander BN 1236 Telephone System Features to Use
  1. Direct Exchange Line Access
  2. Exchange Line Groups
  3. Common Exchange Lines
  4. Push Button Dialling
  5. Last Number Redial
  6. Saved Last Number
  7. bbreviated Dialling
  8. On-hook Dialling
  9. Outside Line Request
  10. Idle Exchange Line Preference
  11. Single Access On-hook Dialling
  12. Preselection
  13. Cost Control
  14. Call Signalling
  15. Automatic Incoming Exchange Line Answer
  16. Follow Me
  17. Call Forwarding
  18. Do Not Disturb
  19. Off-hook Signalling
  20. Night Transfer
  21. Hold
  22. Automatic Ringback
  23. Music-on-Hold
  24. Transferring Calls
  25. Privacy
  1. Conference Call
  2. Simultaneous Outside Call
  3. PBX Recall
  4. Intercommunication between Stations
  5. Intercom Call Back
  6. Message Waiting
  7. Pilot Number Call
  8. Alternate Point Answering
  9. Automatic Answer of Intercom Calls
  10. Hands-free Talkback on Intercom Calls
  11. Intercom Conference
  12. Intercom Off-hook Signalling
  13. Transferring Intercom Calls
  14. Paging Calls
  15. Meet-Me-Paging
  16. Meet-Me Conference Paging
  17. Background Music
  18. Alarm Detection
  19. Control Inputs for External Devices
  20. Guarded Data Call Mode
  21. Tenant Working
  22. Hands-free Station
  23. Headsets (Optional)
  24. Standard Telephone
  25. Call Details Recorder (Optional)


About Commander

Commander is one of the business segments of the M2 Group Ltd, together with the Engin brands. The company has been offering extensive portfolio of managed and traditional data and voice equipment, solutions, and services. The M2 Group Ltd was established in the year 1999 and since then have been an excellent provider of all sorts of products, solutions, and services, including those under the following categories:


Communication ● Insurance ● Utility


Commander offers its communication equipment and services not only for business uses but also for households in need of a communication system. The company is headquartered in Melbourne, the same as the M2 Group Ltd. It has employees working under the company not only in Australia but also in New Zealand and the Philippines. Development, innovation, and manufacturing of Commander products and solutions are strategically distributed to its factories and laboratories in order to make sure that their quality are top of the line.

About TelephonesOnline

The largest online store in Australia, Telephonesonline Pty Ltd can be easily contacted through the phone and through their website. Inquiries are easily done through phones while the checking out of products and solutions are made online. Ordered items are then promptly delivered to customers' locations with the help of its strategically located offices all over the country.

Being the largest in the industry and the country means that the company offers an extensive suite of products and services to its customers. This also means that it is capable of catering to the communication needs of businesses of all types and sizes. Some of the products included in the company’s portfolio are from these following brands:


Avaya ● Alcatel-Lucent ● Aristel ● Cisco ● Commander ● Ericsson ● Exicom ● Fujitsu ● Hybrex


Small business can benefit the most from Telephonesonline through the company’s refurbished products and systems. Large corporations on the other hand can choose to use traditional PABX telephone systems or the advanced VoIP and IP phone systems.

To make a quote inquiry, please call Australia wide 1300 088 088
Order today for FAST Delivery Australia Wide: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Queensland, Perth, Darwin, Canberra and Adelaide.


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