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BN 1236 Commander Phone Handset Standard No Display (Secondhand)

BN 1236 Commander Phone Handset Standard No Display (Secondhand)
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BN 1236 Handset
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BN 1236 Commander Phone Handset Standard No Display (Secondhand)

The Commander BN1236 Standard Phone Handset features 12 exchange lines and 36 stations. The communication device is backed up by an electronic system that uses hardware and software modules packaged, in order to be able to provide various economical solutions.

The stations of the Commander BN1236 Standard Phone Handset have modern stylish appearance. Both the main equipment and stations are controlled by microprocessors with masked programs providing a wide range of facilities demanded by the users of the key systems used in the device.

Condition: Second-hand

Call the Australia wide 1300 088 088 for more detailed information about this handset



Commander BN1236 Phone Features to Explore
  • Direct Exchange Line Access
  • Exchange Line Groups
  • Common Exchange Lines
  • Push Button Dialling
  • Last Number Redial
  • Saved Last Number
  • Abbreviated Dialling
  • Repertory Dialling
  • On-hook Dialling
  • Outside Line Request
  • Idle Exchange Line Preference
  • Single Access On-hook Dialling
  • Preselection
  • Cost Control
  • Call Signalling
  • Automatic Incoming Exchange Line Answer
  • Follow Me
  • Call Forwarding
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Off-hook Signalling
  • Night Transfer
  • Hold
  • Automatic Ringback
  • Music-on-Hold
  • Transferring Calls
  • Privacy
  • Conference Call
  • Simultaneous Outside Call
  • PBX Recall
  • Intercommunication between Stations
  • Intercom Step Call
  • Intercom Camp-on
  • Intercom Call Back
  • Message Waiting
  • Pilot Number Call
  • Alternate Point Answering
  • Automatic Answer of Intercom Calls
  • Hands-free Talkback on Intercom Calls
  • Intercom Conference
  • Intercom Off-hook Signalling
  • Transferring Intercom Calls
  • Room Monitoring
  • Paging Calls
  • Meet-Me-Paging
  • Meet-Me Conference Paging
  • Background Music
  • Automatic Pause Insertion
  • Alarm Detection
  • Control Inputs for External Devices
  • Guarded Data Call Mode
  • Tenant Working
  • Hands-free Station
  • Headsets (Optional)
  • Standard Telephone
  • Call Details Recorder (Optional)
  • Station Based Alarm


About Commander

Commander is a communications systems provider that has been established years ago. It started out as the Plestel Pty Ltd since the company was a collaborative effort between Plessy and the Telstra Corporation, hence the name. The products and solutions provided by the company though are sold under the name of Commander Systems. And there are also several companies that are offered under that name, including Nortel Networks, Siemens, and 3Com. These companies give the provider the exclusive rights in distributing these companies’ products and solutions, which have been rebranded and rebadged. It was in the year 2000 that the company was officially renamed to Commander Australia Limited.

Commander offers high quality telecommunication systems and solutions including PABX telephone systems and simple analogue phones. And more than top-notch performing products and solutions, the company also offers its customers with premier services that can back up and support the products and solutions from the company.


About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is an all-around provider of telecommunication products, services, and solutions. Established and is currently operating in Australia, the company completes its transactions mostly online, in their own website. Customers visit this website and check out the products that they need. The company then would deliver their purchase to wherever they may be in the country through the help of Telephonesonline offices and warehouses.

Telephonesonline provides top-notch communication products and services for all types of customers, from household use to professional ones. Included in the company’s portfolio are the following:


Data Cabling ● Line Fixing ● Spare Phones for All Systems ● Corded Headsets ● Wireless Headsets ● Cordless Phones ● Conference Phones ●Payphones ● Cordless Phone System ● Phone Systems Installation and Relocation ● Spare Parts Supply and Maintenance ● Least Cost Routing with GSM Gateways ● Free Phone Support



To make a quote inquiry, please call Australia wide 1300 088 088
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