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AN 616 NON DISPLAY Secondhand Commander Phone system Handset

AN 616 NON DISPLAY Secondhand Commander Phone system Handset
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AN 616 Secondhand NON DISPLAY
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AUD$ 120.00
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AN 616 NON DISPLAY Secondhand Commander Phone System Handset

The Commander AN616 NON DISPLAY Commander Phone System Handset is a simple communication device that offers convenient and efficient call functions. This phone is excellent for office settings of businesses that deem their communications needs vital to their operations.

The Standard Commander AN616 Phone may not have an LCD display but it still possesses all the functions necessary for business operations. The Commander phones can also use a headset by unplugging the handset and replacing the handset with the necessary amplifier. And from the amplifier, the handset cord can be plugged in.

  • Condition:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Compatible Amplifier:
Plantronics M22 Amplifier
  GN Netcom 8000 Amplifier
  GN Netcom 8210 Digital Amplifier
  Voyager Amplifier

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Advantages of Using Second-hand Business Phones

The Commander AN 616 NON DISPLAY Phone System Handset is offered in second-hand condition. This means that the product is not brand new and will not be delivered in its original box. This doesn’t mean though that the product is less effective and functional than those offered as brand new.

Some of the advantages that users of second-hand business phones enjoy are the following:

  • More Value for Money.Second-hand phones, since they are not brand new, are offered at lower prices. This provides users the opportunity to save money and use them in other elements at the top list of their priorities.
  • Ensured Functionality. Since the phones are second-hand, expert engineers make sure that the communication device is functional and that they are still functioning like how brand new ones do through meticulous inspection and testing.
  • More Features. Users with limited budget can take advantage of second-hand phones. And since these phones are offered in lower prices, users can access features that would have cost more if the phones are brand new.
  • More Advanced Technology.Just like having access to more features, choosing second-hand phones means that users can have access to more advanced technology even at lower prices.

About Commander

Commander is a telecommunications company that offers top-notch telephony systems, hands, solutions, and tools to the Australian market. It has existed for over 30 years, supporting one of the most vital core functions of every business operations- communication. The company offers a large product portfolio mainly because it doesn’t only offer its core products but also products from other companies that are rebadged and sold under the Commander Systems banner. Some of the companies that have their products rebranded are the 3Com, Siemens, and Nortel Networks. Another good reason for the large product portfolio of the company is because it encompasses all communication forms, including Mobile Phones and Office Phones, and Broadband Technologies and Data Technologies.

Commander has years of experience, which is why it is knowledgeable with how the Australian market and industry works. This is also one of the main factors that customers consider in choosing to trust the company or not.


About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is communicationcompany that values not only their sales but more importantly, their customers.

Telephonesonline makes sure to put the needs of its customers at the top of the company’s priority list. This is why the company respond to customers’ queries and complaints as prompt as it can. Not only will this help the customers figure out what they really need but it would also help the company easily identify the best communication products, solutions, and services to include in the package of the customer, specifically targeting their exact needs.

Telephonesonline was established more than 20 years ago and throughout all these years, the company was able to gather enough information and details about the telecommunication industry and the Australian businesses in the market, pushing the company to quality to a worthy company businesses can put their trust on.

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