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CISCO PHONE CP-7961G-GE+SW-CCME-UL-7961 Network products by Cisco Systems

CISCO PHONE CP-7961G-GE+SW-CCME-UL-7961 Network products by Cisco Systems
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CISCO PHONE CP-7961G-GE+SW-CCME-UL-7961 Network Products by Cisco Systems

CISCO PHONE CP-7961-GE+SW-CCME-UL IP Phone offers its users with access to desktop applications, together with unconstrained bandwidth. This phone uses Gigabit Ethernet VoIP and its latest and advanced technology, giving the device the capability to easily and smoothly integrated network data and applications to the PC or desktop server that users have.

The CP-7961G-GE-SW-CCME-UL IP Phone is further enhanced, not only in terms of features but also in functionality. The communication device has its features and functions enriched in order to cater to the telephony needs of users, who are in need to stay connected at all times as part of their job descriptions or in order to improve the operations of their businesses.

Flexible and dynamic, the CP-7961G-GE-SW-CCME-UL phone can be expanded whenever the users feel the need to strengthen their systems. With new features and functions, the system capabilities of the device will grow. Another way for which the system could be strengthened is through software updates and firmware changes that can be downloaded from the company’s website.

The phone works in such a way that users won’t have to make any hands-on actions and changes in the phone. Users can simply pick up the device and move to any location they need to be in the network that the device is connected to. Through the use of this product, users can effectively communicate to whoever they need to talk to. In the end, because of this smooth communication environment, users can have these following benefits:

  • Streamline Business Processes
  • Reach the Right Resource at First Try
  • Impact the Top and Bottom Line of the Business

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Detailed Features of the CISCO PHONE CP-7961G-GE-SW-CCME-UL IP Phone Keys

The CISCO PHONE CP-7961G-GE-SW-CCME-UL IP Phone possesses a lot of features that users can make use of. Its buttons are features and functions in themselves that could provide a lot of benefits to the people using the device. Starting with the device’s buttons that also serve as features, here are some of those:

Messages Feature Key

-Simply pressing the button, users can have direct access to Voicemail

Directories Feature Key

-Users can effectively and quickly return calls by using the direct dial-back capability

-Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Version 3 or LDAP3 is integrated in the corporate directory

Settings Feature Key

-This button allows users several capabilities, including adjusting the display contrast of the display, selecting background images, and choosing the ringer sound from a large number of selections through its User Preference Menu

-Allows the setup of Network Configuration preferences and can be set up manually or automatically for the following selections: DHCP, TFTP, Cisco Unified CallManager, and Backup Cisco Unified CallManager

-Submenus are available, including Security Configuration and Device Configuration

Services Feature Key

-Pressing this button will give users access to diverse info (Stocks and Weather)

Help Feature Key

-This button is the online help feature that provides information about the phone keys, buttons, and features

-Helpful for new users

About Cisco Systems, Inc.

Incorporated on December 10, 1984, Cisco Systems, Inc. or Cisco is an Information Technology company that offers customers the opportunity to stay connected to the world and in the process, helps individuals and businesses in their own local networks. Cisco develops and markets integrated products, solutions, and services based on Internet Protocol Networking, as well as other products related to Information Technology and Communications. There are several categories where the products from the company fall under. This includes Security, Wireless, Data Centre, Service Provider Video, Collaborations, NGN Routing, and Switching.

Cisco products are integrated with the company’s IOS software, and through that enable the linking of local area networks, metropolitan-area networks, and wide-area networks that are geographically dispersed. This led to the foundation of the Internet that all people enjoy today. Most of the company’s products are created and innovated from the latest technologies, as well as the emerging ones that are expected to flourish in the future.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline is Australia’s top-notch supplier and wholesaler of business telephony products and services. Its portfolio is consisted of the all sorts of telecommunication products and solutions, from the most basic ones like analogue phones or spare handsets to the most complicated and advanced solutions like PABX and VoIP phone systems.

Top-notch Quality

Telephonesonline is a well-trusted company in the country, mainly because of the high quality that the company’s offers have. And this is ensured through the company’s policy of “No Compromise on Quality” in all of its products, solutions, and services. This is the main reason why the company only offers the best.

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Telephonesonline does not only offer brand new products but also second-hand and refurbished ones. This is why the prices of the products that the company offers are wide-ranging, the same with the company’s portfolio.

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