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CISCO PHONE CP-7961G-GE Network products by Cisco Systems

CISCO PHONE CP-7961G-GE  Network products by Cisco Systems
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CISCO PHONE CP-7961G-GE Network Products by Cisco Systems

The Cisco PHONE CP-7961G-GE is identical, feature-wise, to the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7961G. This Cisco phone is known to be a Gigabit Ethernet enhanced manager IP phone that is capable of guiding manages and executives through their phone conversations. Few of the features that the communication device takes pride in are the following:

  • Six Programmable Backlit Line/Feature Buttons
  • Four Interactive Soft Keys giving access to Call Features and Functions
  • Audio Controls for High Quality Duplex Speakerphone, Handset, and Headset

Cisco CP-7961G-GE provides users with unrestricted bandwidth to desktop applications. And since it also delivers the brand new and advanced technology in the Gigabit Ethernet Voice-over-IP or VoIP telephony, the phone can provide a lot of benefits to its users.

CP-7961G-GE is part of the Cisco Unified Communications portfolio. The portfolio is composed of different kinds of solutions, including the following:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Security and Network Management
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Lifecycle Services Approach
  • Flexible Deployment and Outsourced Management Options
  • End-user and Partner Financing Packages
  • Third-party Communications Applications


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20 Features Users Can Enjoy from Cisco CP-7961-GE

The Cisco PHONE CP-7961-GE IP Phone have a lot of excellent features that users can make the most of. Some are basic for their communication needs while some can offer excellent convenience to its users. Here are 20 of those awesome features:

  1. 320x222 Large, Graphical 4-bit Grayscale High Resolutions Display
  2. Voicemail Access
  3. Integrated Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Version 3 LDAP3
  4. Direct Dial-back Capability
  5. Convenient On/Off Speaker Button
  6. Microphone Mute Button
  7. Speaker-mode Masked Audible Dual Tone Multi-frequency or DTMF Tones
  8. Volume Control Button with Decibel-level Adjustments
  9. Hearing Aid-compatible Handset
  10. Internal 2-por Ethernet Switch for Direct Connection
  1. Setting Feature Button for Network Configuration and User Preference Menu
  2. Dedicated Headset Port (Alleviating the need for addition amplifier)
  3. Services Feature Button for Quick Divers Info Access
  4. 24-adjustable Ring Tones
  5. Skinny Client Control Protocol or SCCP-supported
  6. More than 20 Built-in Languages Used
  7. Voice Quality (Comfort-noise Generation and Voice Activity Detection)
  8. Help Feature Button for access to users’ information
  9. Differentiated Services Code Point or DSCP and 802.1Q/p standards-supported
  10. Adjustable Foot Stand


About Cisco Systems, Inc.

The Cisco Systems, Inc. is one of the most famous and trusted companies when it comes to communications and IT products and solutions, as well as in IP networking.

Established more than 30 years ago in San Francisco, California, it served as a solution to the problems that the founders back then were dealing with. And this problem revolves simply on the difficulties of sending emails through disparate local area protocols.Cisco was created in order to provide a solution to this problem and this solutions comes in the form of the multi-protocol router. This is why ever since the establishment of the company, the concept of providing solutions in order to cater to specific challenges and issues of the customer was born together with the company.

Several categories of Cisco products include:

  • Cloud and Systems Management
  • Collaboration Endpoints Services
  • Data Centre and Virtualisation
  • Physical Security
  • Routing
  • Application Networking
  • Switching
  • Unified Communication
  • Wireless Products and Services


About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is the largest online store in Australia and it offers a large and wide-ranging portfolio that could cover all types of business telephony needs in the industry and the market. Because of this, the company can help all types and sizes of businesses. Whether you have are just starting up for your small business and so have limited budget allotted for your phone system or you are an owner of a large corporation with lots of members to take care of and so should be connected to them at all times, Telephonesonline can help you and offer and ideal combination of products and solutions that will cater to your needs. Several of the products and services that the company offers are the following:

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  • Spare Parts Supply and Maintenance
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  • Door Phones
  • Free Phone Support
  • Wireless Headsets
  • Spare Phones
  • Corded Headsets


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